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fun jam with EZ and Dirk, thank you!


Out of this world Nick. Brilliant personification of the BIOS yelling at you because the case is open! That was an alert turned harmonious! Love it. You actually sound digital there, that's crazy. Unless you added a synth part? Excellent gentrification of the bass master Nick! When I recorded it I felt uninspired, so I just tried to make a utilitarian easy line of some sort. I'm so glad you yanked it from the bargain bin and turned it into a super cool jam!+2
March 14 2021 14:11:31
Anrak It's not always that easy as a bass player. You're sitting between rhythm/melody. Some of the best bass lines are extremely simple in structure and only show their true greatness in the overall context.... so not uninspired at all, but focused on the essentials!:D:D +1
March 14 2021 15:30:43
rootshell thanks Dirk! my BIOS is still screaming at me: TPM device not detected. no more remote rebooting for me since it requires keyboard interaction :) that little part that sounds digital, i thought the same thing too. that effect, if i play it right, i can pretty much sound like a video game, or pac-man eating LOL. as you said, you may have felt uninspired, but when i first heard it, i really liked the pace and bass line. i actually thought ECB was short for something technical like Electronic Control Board...but then realized it's the notes LOL. cheers Dirk! +1
Nick, I wanted to share a moment I had when I first heard this today. I was in bed and first listened on my phone. I was laying there snapping my fingers in a very crisp and deliberate manner, smiling and looking at the ceiling, making a passionate music face as I snapped. I was literally dancing and wiggling and snapping along. It felt like such an old man thing to do. I'm in my mid 40s, but the pure enjoyment your add brought me brought out a very peaceful, happy snapping my fingers along sort of feeling. Analogous to being able to enjoy nature and be still more as you age. I'm trying to say you gave me a great enjoyable simple pleasure which makes life complete. Thanks Nick+2
March 14 2021 19:15:48
rootshell love it, thx for sharing my friend <3 +1
Very very good work.Love it!!! Thanks for join us friend :W:W:W+1
March 14 2021 15:31:35
rootshell thank you EZ :D :W +0
Oh, oh ...rootshell, a somewhat slowed down, dragging rhythm guitar.
Just what I really like and makes my day.:W:W Cool sound. The bassline fits perfectly. I'll probably have to tell Dirk, I probably forgot. :o:o
March 14 2021 15:36:42
rootshell thanks Anrak, the bass line really let me play "in between" a bit, but then jump back in rhythm with him. was really fun :) +0
This is brilliant playing with so many good aspects and enough variety in your composition and sound to keep it driving and fresh.+1
March 15 2021 02:34:00
rootshell it's always a balancing act with how much variety to add, and then try and go back to a common theme...I'm glad to hear it had enough variety Wade, makes me feel like I added enough spices :D +1
Woah yeah, sounds fantastic Nick, all kinds of tonal variety here to keep this far out and interesting .. and a nice job by Dirk and Ezio .. Super cool tune!! :O:W:D+1
March 15 2021 15:17:44
rootshell thanks brotha!! :D +0

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