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Hear you talking so much, saying nothing it’s just filling space with even more hot air, but you keep on doing, is it worth pursuing, I be filling in a questionnaire. Cause you keep on giving it all you got but it makes no difference anyway and what you’re saying is not a lot and I be asking, say what, say what, say what say what. Did you really mention what I thought you said. Trying to get attention did I lose the thread. All I hear is chatter, mostly empty words, does it really matter and it’s too absurd. you keep on giving it all you got, but it makes no difference anyway and what you’re saying is not a lot and I be asking, say what, say what, say what, say what. Cha got me got me got me Say what ? (Shi 2014)


February 05 2016 12:30:22
Orb1xOrb1x this is phenom, love the lyrics, you really dug into your soul and pulled out more soul :D
great work

November 08 2015 18:22:04
PhénolPhénol Fantastic !

October 25 2015 12:10:00
RichfenderRichfender Very very Cool!!!wow everybody!
Your singing fits like a glove shi!

+1 October 25 2015 12:12:39 RichfenderShi
thanks a lot Richfender :)
July 30 2015 15:56:19
Davnel99Davnel99 Now this is what I'm talkin' 'bout. 2 cool! me fingers r twitchin 2 do somethin!

November 07 2014 22:35:18
AnneCozeanAnneCozean neat-o-keen! you bring the attitude big time, Shi.
+1 November 07 2014 22:36:51 AnneCozeanShi
well how kind Anne, I certainly appreciate that...thankyou :)
August 20 2014 20:25:20
BassCookBassCook So sweet....:);)

August 01 2014 09:55:24
OB-LixOB-Lix Great Song, really cool vocals & lyrics Shi. 😉

July 31 2014 00:23:31
OliVBeeOliVBee very nice song :)

July 30 2014 17:53:50
EckbassEckbass all of you! That piece of music has the potential of beeing a chart-breaker! Perfect groove! Hugs to all of you! Well done! :-)

July 29 2014 12:22:05
WadeWade cookin groove with classy lyrics and great delivery.
+1 July 29 2014 13:46:15 WadeShi
thank you Wade :)
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