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rastafari153 jams
Remix step #2


Shi342 jams Supporter
Remix step #4 (playing)


Fivestringer31 jams Supporter
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Join the party in tempo 177.35 @ 4/4


September 07 2014 21:16:38
francisco alfrancisco al baixo legal

July 30 2014 11:34:58
ShiShi cool one from you :)
+1 July 30 2014 12:08:42 ShiFivestringer
Thanks Shi, you score a lot of compliments when I show some of my tracks over here to explain this site and maybe recruit some more members.
July 28 2014 13:33:18
nuno1959nuno1959 If this doesn't spell summer, i wonder what does ?
Nice mix you all ;)
One more jug of Margaritas please….

+1 July 30 2014 12:05:36 nuno1959Fivestringer
Thanks again, but to be very honest I made a mistake at 1:26 but I decided to leave it because it didn't sound that wrong afterwards... valuable lesson learned: never stop recording on mistake it might turn out well. ;)
July 30 2014 14:07:27 nuno1959nuno1959
Don't you doubt it - one never knows what comes next !!
To me there are like 2 kinds of approaches to recording here :
1 - You come up w/ a part, polish it, rehearse it & then record it perfect & then it comes out like a Pro production, polished & all that… & that's very cool

2 - You listen to a mix that catches your attention a couple of times,
come up w/ a part & BAM ! you lay it down on the fly, mistakes & all, as if you were in a ''live jam'' situation..

Since i'm not a huge fan of the recording process, I confess i follow the 2nd ''strategy, this way ideas are not lost & when luck is on our side, it can sound pretty damn good + it has a FRESHNESS about it - something which i like ;)
August 05 2014 13:29:29 nuno1959Fivestringer
I'm a bit in the middle of that I guess. When I like a track I do a testrun to check if my perception of the progression and the feel of my basspart is matching what I had in mind. Then I record it in a few takes. As most 'tiny' mistakes aren't heard anyway, and even aren't wrong sometimes. So I record only in very few takes trying to catch that 'freshness'. This was the 2nd take after the testrun. I skipped the first one because it wasn't played thick enough so I switched most of the playing from fingers to thumb.
July 28 2014 00:35:51
RickplayerRickplayer great stuff

July 27 2014 21:05:49
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice bass!

July 27 2014 20:35:09
cody trippcody tripp cool

July 27 2014 19:26:16
BabbazittBabbazitt Great job!! Cooooooooool!!
+1 July 28 2014 01:43:56 BabbazittFivestringer
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