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[img]https://media.giphy.com/media/3ohs4w0OrUm5GIkBKE/giphy.gif[/img] With the sound (still, the usual problem) not so satisfied. Although consistently played with slap-technique.I don't like the typical slap-sound anymore. Then with the bass exceptionally put the rhythm aspect in the foreground and then also played with fingers. Alex and Peter have done great!


Not bad at all! And I love the tone! Fits really well with the track! Thanks for joining the jam :W+2
March 21 2021 22:19:59
Anrak I'm glad you like it and of course that you love the sound. My hope was that the awesome character of the track remained. Thanks Alex, keep it up!!!
That's great, crunching hard like the damned bones of a skeleton, cool track+1
March 21 2021 15:55:05
Anrak ... not really perfect yet. But that must do it for now. Peter has put me to a hard test. For this I just got a bit slow with the fingers, so it hooks a bit:o. Haven't practiced this for over 25 years and tried it again for the first time just one week ago (guess 10 minutes for my last track). Play plectrum consistently otherwise and nothing else:@:@.
Might get back into it now. What would life be without challenges?:D:D Thanks for the kind words Dirk!!!<3<3
Punchy and tight play, like Alex I love it also, fantastic to have you join in and to get to enjoy you rocking together with us thank you so much Anrak my friend:W<3:D:o+1
March 22 2021 06:28:13
Anrak Thanks Peter! It is always a pleasure for me to hear your drums and to be able to play bass to it! :):W:W +1
sounds good to me Anrak, crunchy and cage rattling :W I especially like that tone at 1:27 , has a lil Tool bite. awesome stuff! :W+1
March 22 2021 06:43:57
Anrak ... is also what Fieldy does on his bass. Although the technique I had copied from Robert Trujillo. It's surprising that he's a really well classically trained bass player. And in his early days he didn't have much to do with heavier music.I heard from him for the first time that he played his entire slap technique only on one single note even in high registers, so that the rhythm came even more to the fore. Not that he's my hero now, but he can do something. Thanks Nick!:):) +1
How are you not satisfied with this, it's awesome! You're wailing on those bass drum beats with authority! So great brother, SOOO great! :W+1
April 01 2021 16:32:16
Anrak Hi Joe, THANK YOU!!! In the meantime, I also find it awesome. Originally I was looking for a more funky sound with lots of punch (like I used to get from my Trace Elliot). I couldn't get that sound into the DAW. This Clank Clank sound has rather found me.:D:D +1
April 01 2021 16:43:30
JoeOnBass I've been recording clanky myself lately, maybe it's that season, winter into clank, we all become Steve Harris. +1
This is super cool my friend!!! :W:D+1
April 01 2021 18:46:05
Anrak Thanks for the kind words!!!:):) +0
Just found this while searching metal clips. Top shelf bass add brother! :o:W:W<3+1
July 31 2021 08:51:48
Anrak Hi Riffraff, thanks for the nice lines and digging around. I really like the track as well.
... and so really like the track from 1:07, brilliant drums!!!
Glad to see it hasn't fallen into oblivion.:):)<3
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