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Got that summer feeling baby cause you’re near me and it’s so appealing. Wonder if you hear me call, do you hear me at all. Got that soft breeze blowing like a gentle sigh and there’s no way of knowing how completely I am falling. Falling. Do you hear me at all. Sha la la la (Shi 2014) Thanks to Gigster Drum and @FreshFunk for a cool track :)
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chill, ballad, soft, Summer


So, I'm on a beach chair in Hawaii sipping a single malt on the rocks. Then this comes through the house speakers. I grab my waterproof mp3 and long board for a sunset ride :)+5
just what i needed - hella hot here, and this was a cool fan on the back of my neck. beautiful track from Gigster and Fresh and your vocal is so nice. thumbs up, people!+3
July 29 2014 21:26:35
Shi thanks Anne...hope you get a little cool breeze wafting by :) +1
Love the feeling Shi...Great from all...+2
Nice performance Shi & a lovely mix this became ! ;)+2
This is soooo good Shi!+2
I hear you, and its beautiful.
Great song guys, one for the charts:)
So nice=)+2
Your voice is so absolutely soothing to me.+1
July 28 2014 21:33:37
Shi how kind Midoru....:) +0
July 28 2014 21:40:14
Shi thanks Cody :) +1
awesome ... :) You find the right feeling for Jams....nice addition :) your vocals perfect for this kind of jam...+1
July 28 2014 21:39:30
Shi glad you like it Fresh ! Nice track to sing to :) +1

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