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Hello my friends! Sorry for my absence After a small jam, my guitar was broken and I sent it to another city for repairs. To my regret, the master turned out to be a crook and disappeared along with my guitar. Alas, the police do not deal with takiemi puppies. I had to work hard to buy a new instrument of the same series. Thank you for not forgetting about me. Now I am ready to continue my new creative work ...


Wonderful to hear from you and that you are back. Your tracks had always enriched Wikiloop.
So also this time. Great contribution, little short. And the bass is already there (only sad for me), as I hear it. Of course, you can still put something on it :D

... there are really dumb ar...les in this world that are just not worth mentioning at all. I'm sorry that you had to make this experience. But the Jackson is already an awesome instrument. The optics anyway. And your sound is unbeatable. I'm still stunned since I heard you for the first time. Hope to keep hearing from you!!!
March 29 2021 06:15:55
Exmore Thank you for such kind words and your support. I have a lot of musical ideas and I am sure we will implement them. Stay Metal 🤘🏻 +1
glad to hear you again!!
very good track!!!:W:W
March 29 2021 06:10:54
Exmore Thanks 🤘🏻 +1

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