TRAVELER w FrankieJazz & Danalyze45

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United States
AnneCozean100 jams

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Frankie and Dan - i thought this was a splendid piece of music! California is on fire today, so I yodeled this but quick before all the smoke went down my throat this morning. Thank you, Gentlemen - you sound great together! i'm a traveler on this road called Life trying to keep my center i look for a sign that points the way i wonder if i will see how will i know yeah something is calling me oh yeah the unknown is near yeah i'm ...
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where the heck ARE you????


what a fine track from Frankie and Dan and a real nice foundation for Annes lovely vocals and my vote ! :)+1
July 31 2014 17:50:03
AnneCozean many thanks, Shi! +1
& another GREAT song but considering who's involved it's NOT surprising !!
Congrats to all ;)
July 31 2014 17:50:38
AnneCozean well one day i'ma gonna have to surprise you, Nuno! 8) thank you. +0
This site would be at a great loss without your input, Ms Anne. Frankie and Dan must be stoked you jammed with them :)+1
July 31 2014 17:51:05
AnneCozean thanks so much, Rod. 8) +1
July 31 2014 20:20:23
Rod_Stevens xoxo +0
I love your voice!+1
July 31 2014 17:53:24
AnneCozean docnat - you made me smile! thank you so much. 8) +0
I like positive outlook on life,I think you also.A great man once said "My song is for angels, with angels and with the help of angels." I think it fits well on yours:). Beautiful singing to beautiful song.+1
July 31 2014 17:55:16
Lenny Cowler
AnneCozean thank you, Sweet Lenny! +1
July 31 2014 17:56:01
AnneCozean thanks so much, incivanpico - glad you liked it. 8) +0
Awesome vocal and guitar!+1
July 31 2014 17:56:39
AnneCozean you made us do it, Frankie! 8) thanks for kicking us off - beautiful music you make. +2
Very nice!+1
July 31 2014 17:57:26
AnneCozean Steve - thanks for checking us out - appreciate your taking the time! +0
Goosepimples...See you in Germany ;);)+1
November 27 2014 17:59:10
AnneCozean did you see me in Germany, Holger? :) thank you so much for your listen - i appreciate you! +0
This is crazy im gonna have to put Anne Cozean on my music playback device.+1
November 30 2014 17:18:43
AnneCozean Please do! :) Thank you, Mike! +0

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