Lost Within (really clanky)

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I think I overwound my "clanky tone" on this one, still cool though.
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I like the clanky, metallic tone - you need it to cut through the thick guitar tone. You need the bassiness and the treble to make it "sharp". Sounds great to my ears!+1
March 31 2021 17:13:15
JoeOnBass Thank you Mr Booth, on my monitors it was clanky, I could only imagine what someone with headphones would think, tin cans! :-) Thanks for checking it out. +0
Sounds great in the song man, perfect for this style. Wicked playing. Very brave to play this treble sound ... thing is it works, It really adds a lot of soul and the bass becomes more of it's own entity. Cuts through like a mofo! Gritty!! Made my toe curl up in my boot! I'm proud of you :D:D Mind you the solo bass would be fun to listen to .. clickity clackity clunk! ;) Great playing Joe!! You know your metal obviously! :W+1
March 31 2021 17:11:46
JoeOnBass Thank you Ernie. I'm always iffy on recording such a thin tone because not everyone hears the sound through monitors. The Steve Harris clank is great, but he's Steve Harris, his fingers are rhythmically perfect on triplets, with me, you hear every misstep, lol, but still, a really cool song. Thanks for the listen and the kind words. +1
March 31 2021 17:46:50
Ernie440 You're welcome, you've inspired me to try some treble bass, see what I can come up with. Old dogs and new tricks right? +1
March 31 2021 21:16:31
JoeOnBass That's how it happened for me, I've always been a big tube sound guy, I have a Hotone B-Station and I found a Youtube tutorial that wound the bass setting to zero, cranked the mids and treble to 10 and cut off the compression completely. The twang is the result. Sometimes it's a little too thin but definitely Iron Maideny, or something like Anthrax circa 1988. Really cool. You'll hear every sliding noise when your fingers move on the string, lol. I hate that. +1
super sound and playing joe!!!<3:W:W+1
April 01 2021 02:09:23
JoeOnBass Thank you brother! +1
clanks through like a knife Joe...i love that clank on those low strings, damn it's cool 1:40 :W dude, you're jamming on this one, some cool lil runs jammed in there in spots, awesome!+1
April 01 2021 02:09:09
JoeOnBass Thank you very much! I'm always concerned for the sound knowing a lot of people listen on headphones, I tend to push it right to the brink. This was a really fun galloping song. +1

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