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Such a lovely contemplative track from FrankieJ. Hopefully your time is well spent... mine has been in being here. Thanks to Frankie and all of you.


Hello Wade, on the other side of the world and here because of the magic of technology I am able to enjoy your music. Isnt that a marvellous use of the internet?:D thanks for the entertainment my friend. A lovely performance with sweet phrasing.<3<3<3+3
April 06 2021 11:09:23
Wade Thanks Tu...on the other side as well.
Yes, I'm truly grateful for many things, and especially being able to share with all of you. We won't forget.
Ah Wade. What a wonderful journey we take here<3 A surprise!+2
April 07 2021 21:58:22
Wade Surprises can go two ways. so glad if this is OK with you. You certainly didn't need me and I rode over some of you lines in the process. Such a pleasure for me to play along on your tracks. Thanks again to you! +1
April 09 2021 22:43:08
FrankieJ Oh I'm certainly ok with it. A special little track for me now cherished. Thanks for that. I waited to listen until the house was quiet. No distractions. A little Brandy. Just let it loop:) +1
style and grace, beautiful throughout. such a thoughtful and reflective style of play in that first half. the expanding in the second half, it's very enchanting. amazing play Wade <3+2
April 08 2021 22:42:45
Wade So kind of you Nick to check it out and comment. I just always hope to fit in since I don't seem to do any templates. The real creatives here are people like you and Frankie. What would the rest of us do without you? +1
A wonderful and delicate passing of time this is for you and even more so for us.... the listener I am absolutely captivated & intrigued how you tread the path between a classic harmonic beauty (melody in the vein of.... "The First Time Ever I touched your Face") and the eastern mystic charm that is your trademark....I would join if I wasnt too much afraid to break this fragile silken musical spell and believed it could ever need anything else but you two stunningly exceptional musicians<3<3+2
April 09 2021 21:35:17
Wade So glad if this has an emotional impact. I remember so well the first time hearing "The First Time Ever I touched your Face" and it bringing tears to my eyes.

Join in...what's the worst that can happen? You don't get the job and big pay? Dig out the bag of tinkle thingies?
April 09 2021 22:12:58
PJE :) +1
I didn't know that delicacy and intriguing could go that far, Wade :)

You and Frank took those to a level unattainable for me! :or
April 17 2021 21:56:52
Wade So kind of you. I've got to admit that it's difficult playing saxes in a very quiet mode, especially sopranino. So glad it's appreciated. +0
Beautiful <3<3<3+1
April 06 2021 11:04:28
Wade Thanks Dash1. Very kind of you to give a listen and comment. +1
April 06 2021 11:15:15
dash1 two amazing artists, how could I not listen +0
fantastic, Wade! :) Mix is wonderful too!+1
April 06 2021 11:06:10
Wade Frankie inspires with just the simplest of backings. Also they are often slow (like me!) +0
wonderful :)+1
April 06 2021 11:09:47
Wade So kind. Many thanks. +1
This is stunning, lovely and beautiful music!! Wonderful little jazzy touches here and there. Love it Wade :) <3+1
April 06 2021 11:12:16
Wade So good to be on this lovely little track of Frankie's. Simple and straight forward. So glad you like it. +1
Excellent playing, excellent recording, excellent musicians, nothing more to say !!! BRAVO :)+1
April 06 2021 11:13:04
Wade Cheers Adu. It was a pleasure for me to play and even more of a treat if you and others liked it. +1
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