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[img][/img] Outstanding track from Nick and Peter. My goodness how awesome I think this one is!!! Well, have fun with it. A voice would be wonderful of course ...and I know there are fantastic vocals here on Wikiloops :D:D ... and then I always have the problem of finding the right volume for the mix. How do you do that? With me it's always trial and error. Somehow not the right way. Right now either the track or the bass is too ...


:oWow, this certainly has the Power & Volume Anrak and your bass play is great and cool......I do feel your frustration with getting the mix to work though, its not easy and so many things can combine to challenge us with you have a seperate bass track, if so please upload or send to me I will gladly try and help you to get the levels you want:W
Thank you for joining us and your wonderful support as always my good friend:):W:D
April 08 2021 21:23:57
Anrak Hi Peter, I appreciate your kind offer and I'll be happy to come back to it:):). But first I want to understand myself why I mix such a mess. I spent the afternoon reading up on the subjectB). A decisive tip came from Nick. First of all, I took a close look at the signal chain. I used to control the volume at the signal input. Then I started using a compressor in the hope to give the bass more contour. It smoothed everything out quite nicely, and made my signal quiet. And counteracting this with the master volume was probably not the right way:o:o. Switched to post-procedural it went then. With my next track it worked better now! ... and I am glad that you like it. Thanks my friend! +1
sounds super cool Anrak, the bass is low from what I can tell. mixing/levels is always tough, probably have to bring down the entire track volume (pre-bass add) then balance it out with the bass add. sweet jam though, rock n roll!!! :W :W+1
April 08 2021 21:31:25
Anrak Hi Nick, thanks for the tip an your kind words.This has opened my eyes. I have learned: Mixing must be trained and with a bit of turning switches and knobs it is not done. +1
April 09 2021 00:54:47
rootshell it's the thing i didn't expect to learn about, but through downloading and adding tracks, i've started to have a whole new appreciation for those who excel at it...i'm just a newbie to mixing myself :) +1

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