Ya got me with this track!

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step I
United States
Fishinmissio2558 jams
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post your remix!
+ 13
First run..a couple klinkers..but damn Ake..You ROCK! :-)


SUPER Mark! Love it! Fits nicely! I also had some mistakes;)+1
Super add:) Perfect atmosphere:)+1
great one+1
i started off impressed at the intro's mood, and never stopped being impressed. my ear was expecting a change at 1:05 - but i quickly got over that. 8) this is more like an deep sea diving sonic experience than Verse, Chorus, Verse, etc. good use of strings, Ake - and your sparse sax has THE most gorgeous tone, Fish. i DO think you could condense this into a shorter piece with changes. i can almost taste it! thank you, guys. enjoyed my listen.+1
August 03 2014 03:45:21
Fishinmissio Anne..I am still learning chord and impro..what you heard is my playin..in response to what I'm hearing..While in no ways really good..it's just what I came out with...As I progress in my learning...I will eventually miss the Klinkers..and be come better..which is why I am here ion Wiki. I am honered to be playing with outstanding musicains from all over the world and love the opportunity Wiki gives us all to do that..not only to inspire us all..but to help some of us progress.! :-) +1
August 03 2014 04:22:41
AnneCozean Mark - lemme clarify - i thought Ake was gonna change direction at 1:05, too, not just you. Teaches me to listen to what's there and not for what I expect! +0
bem legal+0
Good on ya for having a go on this very long track, Mark. I haven't the nuts yet ;)+0
August 09 2014 20:34:52
Fishinmissio Alcohol may have been involved..lol +0
Men what an experience was this :)+0
Epic !!!+0
wow mega gut!!+0
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