When The Lights Go Out - Remix

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I tried to remix this track using all the solo tracks. Not sure if it got any better, but I'm trying to learn how to mix. Please tell me what you think.


February 15 2015 14:56:04
TelemetryTelemetry Enjoyed your mix as well as the musicians effort. :)

January 05 2015 21:52:27
nuno1959nuno1959 I've heard a couple things of yours which i loved but for some stupid reason, i didn't look you up & check the rest !?
That's going to be done tonight…
This is a class act, pure & simple, velvet to my ears !!

December 06 2014 07:36:25
allgirlallgirl very nice, Milachica

August 26 2014 06:50:09
francisco alfrancisco al isso realmente é um sax. muito bom

August 03 2014 09:57:21
dimeomaxdimeomax Nice work Mila.....but there is a problem with bass, it's a bit out of sync....just a bit delayed....:)
+0 December 24 2014 01:05:38 dimeomaxMilachica
Sorry for that Dimeomax. A bit late to read your comment now :)
I can't edit the upload, so I'm going to upload a new one to set this straight. Or atleast I hope so ;)
August 02 2014 22:32:58
LutzLutz Super Saxophone!

August 02 2014 13:09:04
jmrukkersjmrukkers Nice one

August 02 2014 05:07:41
WadeWade Good to once again hear this track. Fine playing from you that compliments and brings anticipation. Not sure about the remix, although it's possible that you've done the best possible when handed what others have already done. Going back to the first two tracks there is much better presence in these (just piano and vocals).

August 02 2014 01:29:00
RickplayerRickplayer cool

August 02 2014 00:33:17
akethesnakerakethesnaker Sounds great! The vocals sounds better! Thats what I feel in my headphones:)


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