Hot Blooded Cold Hearted Woman w Rod Stevens & Keiichiro

Costa Rica
Keiton1184 jams
Costa Rica
Keiton1184 jams
step III
United States
AnneCozean98 jams

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I thought this particular piece of music was quite insane, compliments of Professor Stevens' crazed (in such a GOOD WAY!) lead. Couldn't resist a teensy yodel - thanks, Gentlemen! i'm a hot blooded woman with a stone cold heart i'm a hot blooded woman with a stone cold heart and if you wanna love me i'll have to tear you apart i don't need your money i'm not impressed by your car got all the cash i need boy and you can't get me that far and if you wanna love ...
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you might want to think this through....


great track=)+4
Rockin Anne ! Love it!+3
''Leave you some scar's'' love it....ouch....but in a good way...Nice :)+3
Hey, this whole thing is so catchy :) keeps singing in my head :) Great job you all+3
coole Nummer !+1
August 03 2014 02:55:55
AnneCozean i thank you, U - nice to meet your ear and voice. 8) +1
Great vocals Anne, love it.+1
August 03 2014 02:57:16
AnneCozean jmrukkers - thanks for taking time for us. :) +1
thanks anne - this is another very special gem!+1
August 03 2014 02:58:08
AnneCozean thanks for checking it out, machete - i appreciate your time. cheers! +0
Ouch ! Menacing lyrics…am i safe sitting here ?
No worries, i know i am ! ;)
August 03 2014 03:00:42
AnneCozean you are safe - i found chocolate. 8) thanks, nuno. +1
CLASS !love the track from Keii and Rod and your vocals and lyrics Anne really get the message my vote and then some :)+1
August 03 2014 03:01:23
AnneCozean Shi - thank you! 8) +0
Awesome all of you!!+1
August 03 2014 03:01:45
AnneCozean we'all thank ye, laddie! +0

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