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I don’t want to see the sun and so my eyes are closed. Moments when I want to run, and you can have all those. I need a little time yeah, and maybe I need more than I can say. Gotta get my words to rhyme and things will turn out fine and I’m almost halfway there, and there I go again, I’m spinning round and round. Or am I out of touch my friend, my feet don’t touch ...
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My thanks to Guitarrockr for a real nice track. Hope my mixing is improving :)+1
love this!:) nice vocal/lyrics Shi!:)the delay makes it sound class!:)+1
So beautiful.+1
cool song !!! and wow !! you ventured into mixing ôÔ ... awsome ;)+1
August 03 2014 19:00:18
Dick guess where she might have taken the delays-idea :P +1
August 03 2014 19:19:06
OliVBee haha ... i have no clue :P +0
Very nice works from both....+1
So beautiful voice and lyrics and the power to touch! Still I see it as a sketch, partly improvised from your limitless flow of ideas. Imagine that with a bit more structure and hook line to make it a really powerful pop song worth publishing. Not meant as a critic, Shi, only to see the potential.
Do you create and compose for a greater public already??
August 03 2014 19:59:28
Shi I so appreciate your kind comments Lutz :) +0
Super song and super text!+1
Fantastic. Great lyrics too.+1

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