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Steve - I sure like the music you create. This key's a little low, but I couldn't resist. THANK YOU!!

music starts and as you approach i can see
the fire in your eyes
arm curves round me and pulls me close and i know
this heat can not be denied
so hold me tight tonight
this dance can't end until we finally get it right

we sway in time to each other's hearts and i feel
just how much you want me
lead the way and i'll follow you anywhere
you're all that i see
so hold me close tonight
i don't care if we dance til the morning light

sweep me off my feet
and take me to the stars
where we can shine

turn me twirl me and spin me round i don't care
just don't let me go
faster and faster we turn and we turn til we melt
and that's when i know
i want to dance with you every night
cuz in your arms i fly


July 06 2015 18:44:04
Great song AnnaCozean and Slon! And unique solo! :)
+0 July 06 2015 20:16:53 benderson AnneCozean
i appreciate your listen, benderson - thank you!
June 13 2015 19:09:46

May 07 2015 01:25:05
So very nice. :)

April 02 2015 17:23:31
Anne, this is my "old stuff first timer goody" for this week :) Steves wonderful guitar template sure´s beggin for vocals, but what you performed on this, is outstanding. Such a fine feeling for melodic changes! Love the mult voices parts. Happy about all your songs I am still goin to listen to for the first time. Happy Easter. Marc
+0 April 02 2015 18:22:35 Liesching AnneCozean
darn it all, Marc - you've got me so puffed up, my cowboy hat won't fit my head. ;) thanks so much for the kind of listening you do - it's mega-appreciated!
December 12 2014 00:31:30
Anne-I love how your lyrics paint the picture and your voice creates the mood! I LOVE IT!
(Steve- you are consistently awesome)

+1 December 12 2014 01:13:59 Johnnievocal AnneCozean
ooWEEEE, Johnnie - you sure know how to fill a comment box! 8) thank you so much. Steve makes it easy for me - i just checked out your 25 Great Tracks, and see that he's got quite a few tracks on that list. you've got good taste (she sez humbly....:)
December 08 2014 04:59:36
I was on holidays and missed this delicious marvel of your dancing voice and visual lyrics, Anne, inside slon's great tune :)
+0 December 11 2014 01:58:21 Marianne AnneCozean
thank you so much, Marianne - appreciate your sweet review!
December 11 2014 06:25:50 Marianne Marianne
October 03 2014 03:37:03
love it!
+0 December 11 2014 01:58:42 ToadCruncher AnneCozean
thanksabunch, Todd!
August 26 2014 21:46:18
perfekt und professionell, warm und selbstbewusst!
+0 December 11 2014 01:59:01 jamlady AnneCozean
many thanks, Klaudia!
August 20 2014 20:42:45
Time for a cocktail for two...thx Anne :)
+0 August 21 2014 00:58:29 BassCook AnneCozean
or THREE! there might be no tomorrow. 8) thank you.
August 15 2014 13:12:54
Great.... All of you.....wish there was room for me!
+0 August 16 2014 18:39:30 kimbo AnneCozean
kimbo - it's such good music! thanks so much for your review. 8)
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