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Steve - I sure like the music you create. This key's a little low, but I couldn't resist. THANK YOU!! music starts and as you approach i can see the fire in your eyes arm curves round me and pulls me close and i know this heat can not be denied so hold me tight tonight this dance can't end until we finally get it right we sway in time to each other's hearts and i feel just how much ...
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let's dance forever, shall we?


how lovely Anne ! and cool lyrics too.:)
Very nice from Steve too
August 11 2014 16:45:36
AnneCozean i liked your take on the matter, as well, Shi - thanks for your ear! +0
This is ace! Love the harmony vocals and laid back groove from Slon. Thumb up.+1
August 11 2014 16:57:41
AnneCozean thanks a lot, Gordon - glad it worked for you! +0
Very Smooth...Nice work Anne! Good lyrics, good vibe. The style once again suits your voice and phrasing. Great track Steve as always...Added to playlist.+1
August 11 2014 17:01:13
AnneCozean what a swell detailed review, Glenn. Big Thanks! +0
Perfect balance of sweet and husky vocals. Sexy and enticing.+1
August 16 2014 18:37:57
AnneCozean Wade - you've got the best damn adjectives. thank you!!! +1
Anne-I love how your lyrics paint the picture and your voice creates the mood! I LOVE IT!
(Steve- you are consistently awesome)
December 12 2014 01:13:59
AnneCozean ooWEEEE, Johnnie - you sure know how to fill a comment box! 8) thank you so much. Steve makes it easy for me - i just checked out your 25 Great Tracks, and see that he's got quite a few tracks on that list. you've got good taste (she sez humbly....:) +2
very cool sis !!! mello voice ... soooo cool+0
August 11 2014 16:45:14
AnneCozean your ear is everywhere! thank you, OliV! +1
Sweet honey for your fans. Let me be one of the first twelve of them.+0
August 11 2014 16:58:18
AnneCozean Nick - i love your comments as much as your songs! thank you. 8) +0
very good !!!+0
August 11 2014 16:59:21
AnneCozean vielen Dank, U! +0
Excellent :)+0
August 11 2014 17:00:01
AnneCozean i'm so glad you liked it, Keiichiro! +2
ohhhh great jam- you made this to a big Jam - thumbs up! :)+0
August 11 2014 17:01:51
AnneCozean thanks for your Fresh Ear, Funk! 8) +2

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