Ake + Millern52184+Shi The First Time

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I knew the first time that I saw you, got me I didn’t know what to do. Oh but I knew I couldn’t ignore you, because that smile was getting through. You move me like the first time, and it won’t be the last. You got me through the worst times, it’s more than I could ask. I knew the first time that you held me, it was the only place to be. Your kisses always seem to melt me, ...
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I really like this. SO much energy+5
cool ;)+3
Impressive as ever+3
another step forward and you shine right under the 80's spotlights ... ôÔ how cool !+3
yes.... very nice again - great jam and what a power on writing lyrics Shi - very creative....:)+2
August 09 2014 22:32:17
Shi thank you Fresh :) +0
Sehr schöner Song ;o)+2
well done+2
Impressive lyrics, i like your take on "The First Time" I've recorded a bass track. HAh:)+2
this is why I always check the jams streams, almost missed this 1
super song guys
really cool Shi:)+1

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