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Child of our time, don’t look behind. keep it in mind. The future is yours, so keep it on course and I hope you find. There’s a better way to make a brand new start, and I’m here to say that if you have the heart, you can change the world into a better place peace and love for the human race. Don’t you know that it’s alright, a new tomorrow shining bright. Fill your heart with love and light ...
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unplugged, happy, hope


i KEEP TELLING YOU but nobody believes me…. yes, our Shi IS Royalty !! ;)
In Wikiland & elsewhere : Lizbeth, you're a sweetheart & all but time to move over darling… :D :D
Can i organise your Coronation Ceremony ? Nothing fancy….a few hundred thousand musicians let loose all over the realm should do ;)
August 11 2014 21:33:33
Shi nunooooooo ! totally bonkers you are, in a good way tho :P +1
August 11 2014 21:42:45
nuno1959 Aaahhh Milady….That's THE BEST compliment someone has given me in a long time ! Thank you ;) +0
one step forward and here you are right in the middle of the seventies :) awsome !+3
Nice hippy- piece of music :) and i mean it in a good way ;) i like it a lot :)+2
August 11 2014 21:26:19
nuno1959 M, do you mean to say there's anything ''bad'' related to hippy ? Careful, i'm an old, ex hippy !! :D :D +2
August 11 2014 23:25:19
Molber no, no, no, nuno, there ain´t nothing wrong with being hippy! in my opinnion! world would be missing a lot of great music without you men and women of peace! i think that i would have of being one if i had lived late 60´s or seventies ;) peace man!! :D +5
August 12 2014 04:08:39
nuno1959 I know, i know : i was just kidding !! ;)
Big Wiki Peace for all ;)
Fine pick up on that 70s vibe. Yea, we could use a lot more peace and love in the world right now. Fine job.+2
Great lyrics - love it!+1
nice lyrics Shi:)cool vocals over Slim & Rasta's tracks....I like the message your sharing:):)+1
SUPER work! Nice with that choir sound. Do you need to sing double or triple or is there any type of FX-effect you use for it?:)+1
August 12 2014 12:01:52
Shi I don't really use FX, so the vocals are all me :) +2
August 12 2014 13:55:35
akethesnaker OK! Thankyou! I have heard about some effects who can make you sounding like a choir, was just curious. +0
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