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really nice. you're too prolific, man, i can't keep up. i'm still working on sniper and the lestat project. actually i had sniper mostly done for months now, parts of it are really good, i just have a hard time with some of the vocals, it's a little high for me too. still trying to work that out. and i'm about half the lyrics for lestat. had to get my last piece done first, finally. :D:o:D anyway, you go boy! crank away!+2
June 11 2021 17:45:47
rootshell oh wow, sniper would be cool to hear with some vocals/words. i was showing that song to my grandson a while ago, since he's into "shooter" games lol. he knows i play guitar but doesn't really get to hear stuff. so sniper got his approval lol, he's 6 :) i hear you on the high stuff, i struggle with that, especially recording it, since to go high, i get louder and the mic gets further and it sounds like it's many things to learn on the vox side :) i appreciate the words though Flavien, as long as the ideas keep coming, i'll keep sharing...eventually the well will run dry, and that's all good too, it's a cycle :) have a great day friend!! <3 +1
June 11 2021 21:21:15
flavien13 hmmm, your reply just gave me an idea to alter the lyrics a bit. lyrically it is similar to #217958 sound mask. it was turning out to be a relationship song, but... hmmmmmm. and as far as ideas, yeah, sometimes we need to recharge. and good luck at the casino! :D +1
Wow, wow, wowy!!! Mr. R! I <3 this one!+2
June 11 2021 17:46:45
rootshell Hi Piper and thank you so much! I appreciate the kind words <3 +1
Thoroughly brooding, just the way I like it!! <3+2
June 11 2021 17:47:01
rootshell hehe thanks Joe :W <3 +0
Excellent template! I can't wait to hear what this sounds like when the bass and drums are added. :o:W<3+2
June 11 2021 17:48:44
rootshell thanks Ron! keep rocking my friend! :W <3 +0
Another terrific track. Really like the way you keep the basic theme but change the feel/vibe of it several times. Works as well or better than thinking a change of key is necessary.+2
June 14 2021 01:13:19
rootshell thx Wade, been struggling a lil with trying to change keys and "direction". trying to not make it all sound the same I guess :D +1
:oMan Alive you are wonderfully PROlific...this rocks the hell out of it...fine work Nick....keeop taking the medicine my friend its totally workingB)<3:W:D+1
June 11 2021 16:01:21
Riffraff You're absolutely right, Nick is incredibly prolific and should be in Nashville writing hits for $$$ because of his ability to churn out multiple killer riffs daily. However, you're calling the kettle black because you also post 3 new tracks a day. I don't think you, Nick or Ernie ever sleep. Kudos to all 3 of you! :D:W +2
June 11 2021 16:09:15
PJE :DHaha Ron...just wish all of us were on the road together rocking the f*#k out of the world bro:W:o:) +2
June 11 2021 17:27:52
Riffraff I guess we will have to settle for rocking the f*#k out of the world on a micro scale and sleeping in our own beds every night. B) +1
June 11 2021 17:52:22
rootshell i wish i had some medicine, then i would know what to take when i need the ideas hehe...thanks Peter, i really appreciate your comment. having lots of fun, as usual...the loops is always exciting and my personal "escape" <3 +1
June 11 2021 18:05:13
PJE :W +1
Mika Tohve
Nice track time to jam again. :Y+1
June 14 2021 01:14:14
Mika Tohve
rootshell gonna check it out :W +1
Fantastic Nick<3+1
June 14 2021 01:13:50
rootshell thank you <3 +1
Great change of feels here; catchy, too:)+1
June 15 2021 00:08:57
rootshell thanks Carpenter! :W +1

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