There's You & There's Me (aduennwald's Shadow)

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I've been listening to SHADOW for a couple of days, and this poured out this morning. Just to change things up, i thought I'd try a key a bit too high for me this time. 8) thank you, Adu! i like this sound of yours.

there's something that i have been meaning to tell you
there's something that i have had on my mind
come close so nobody else can hear me
come close i'll tell you how i'm inclined
there's you and there's me
nothing more's needed
2's better than 1, and better than 3
there's you and there's me
i think we've succeeded
in forging a love where we're both free
there's something that i have been wanting to show you
something that I have been wanting to say
come close i'll tell you what i've been thinking
come close and learn how i like to play
come close to me baby
yeah i'm talkin to you
come close to me baby
turn all my skies blue
there's you and there's me
nothing more&#


April 01 2016 01:05:38
JDFJDF oooh, love this! :) such good melody and backups. good structure as well. very cool! :)

November 26 2015 01:37:53
GatorblueGatorblue Good song, nice lyrics and vocals Anne. -- Gator

August 30 2015 21:56:03
GirardGirard Great job Anne! Really great! Legendary even.

October 13 2014 15:13:06
andysaxandysax Felicidades. buen trabajo.

August 20 2014 20:48:51
BassCookBassCook Nice work..and great voice..
+0 August 26 2014 03:56:56 BassCookAnneCozean
Thanks so much, Holger.
August 17 2014 22:38:47
OliVBeeOliVBee allthough the key a tad high for your tessiture you did a grand job ! still recognizing your vocal signature with no mistake :)
+0 August 18 2014 16:36:32 OliVBeeAnneCozean
True, OliV - too high. last couple were very low so thought i'd mix it up and go very high. 8) thanks for the new word!
August 16 2014 20:43:11
mulambomulambo excellent, this made me happy, good music allways do. the melodies here are amazing, congrats.
+0 August 16 2014 21:27:40 mulamboAnneCozean
mulambo - YAY! glad you got happy and many thanks for listening to us. 8)
August 16 2014 05:46:52
francisco alfrancisco al muito bonito. muito bom
+0 August 16 2014 18:24:15 francisco alAnneCozean
al - are you tired of my kisses? 8) thank you!
August 17 2014 05:52:07 francisco alfrancisco al
sua voz é bonita
August 29 2014 22:33:31 francisco alAnneCozean
Estou muito feliz que você ouvi-lo dessa forma.
August 31 2014 03:19:06 francisco alfrancisco al
ok AnneCozean
August 31 2014 17:45:49 francisco alAnneCozean
ok, Al! 8)
August 16 2014 02:24:54
texassontexasson Killer ! love it to death! :D
+0 August 16 2014 18:25:25 texassonAnneCozean
ahahaha!! that comment got a big guffaw outta me - thank you, Jared. 8)
August 14 2014 06:05:30
SlonMusicSlonMusic You are a Rock Lady, Anne! Great work, altogether=)
+1 August 16 2014 18:25:42 SlonMusicAnneCozean
Thanks for catching our act, Steve!
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