There's You & There's Me (aduennwald's Shadow)

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I've been listening to SHADOW for a couple of days, and this poured out this morning. Just to change things up, i thought I'd try a key a bit too high for me this time. 8) thank you, Adu! i like this sound of yours. there's something that i have been meaning to tell you there's something that i have had on my mind come close so nobody else can hear me come close i'll tell you how ...
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same old love story.....


Always great Anne - very nice melody that you sung - very cool jam :)+1
August 16 2014 18:23:52
AnneCozean thank you, FF - always appreciate your listens! +0
so cool template from adu and real nice vocals and lyrics Anne, but hey,you knew that already, right ? :)+1
August 16 2014 18:33:22
AnneCozean Shi - many thanks for your comment. Thank you! +0
Yup, this Lady sure knows how to rock my world !!
Where else on EARTH can one have SUCH A BLAST other than here at The Loops ?? ;)
NICE mix, real nice...
August 16 2014 18:32:49
AnneCozean it's a wonderful playground Dick's magically provided for us - i'm glad you are a fellow playmate, Nuno. +1
Perfect, beatiful and very dance:) I love it,nice melodies and choruses.+1
August 16 2014 18:32:06
Lenny Cowler
AnneCozean Lenny - will you please post a video of you dancing to this? 8) thank you so much! +0
August 16 2014 18:40:21
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler I can not do. Will you die with laughter:) +0
August 16 2014 18:41:08
Lenny Cowler
AnneCozean well in the words of Chief Dan George: IT'S A GOOD DAY TO DIE......8) +0
August 16 2014 18:42:33
Lenny Cowler
Lenny Cowler maybe, but then we lose the other nice songs from you:) +0
August 16 2014 18:47:39
Lenny Cowler
AnneCozean yes, sometimes one must give something up in order to get something. still, though...8) +1
good vibrations ;o)+1
August 16 2014 18:31:27
AnneCozean glad they hit you the right way, Uloisius. thank you! +0
:D :)+1
August 16 2014 18:30:49
AnneCozean thank you for the toothy grin, Markus! 8) +0
Great vocals+1
August 16 2014 18:30:26
AnneCozean thank you, jmrukkers - gonna hit your page today. +1
Fine lyrics well sung and engineered. Very professional concepts, sound and execution.+1
August 16 2014 18:29:14
AnneCozean oh Wade - you just know the right words. 8) thank you so much! +1
August 26 2014 07:40:18
Wade Just call them as I hear them...excellent. +0
Nice vocal Anne! Good treatments and lyrics, well done. Very clean... Cool backing track as well. I love it when we get tracks with structure... Rock On!+1
August 16 2014 18:26:12
AnneCozean true, Glenn - structure is GOOD. thanks so much for the feedback! +0
You are a Rock Lady, Anne! Great work, altogether=)+1
August 16 2014 18:25:42
AnneCozean Thanks for catching our act, Steve! +0
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