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• come home #62673 • Acqua jam #209660 • Just Because ... Duduk/Violin Edt #208852 • The murderer childhood (drums) #31529 ...
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Hey Mike, I love the 'set' you created here...please tell me... is there a limit to upload lengths? I may have a go myself.<3:D<3+1
I searched the docs for a max file size but found nothing. I kept my 'starters' to a single set, 15mg mp3 for 15 minutes of music. ...On a side note: I believe this would gather better attention marketed to the chat line. I'd keep em on the small size until the manager can address this issue some.+0
I'm wondering whether you should be posting your selections as an album instead? When/if I see what looks like a track that's more than 5 minutes long I skip. I doubt that others have a lot more time to spend. When you see an album, you know what you're in for and can easily skip tracks and have some idea of who is playing title, style etc. so it's much more effective from a listener's point of view.

The album can be your play list, your tracks, or tracks of other players. It also comes up in a rotation so continually available to be heard. If posted (as you have just done) it gets buried very quickly.

The other aspect of an album is that the musicians on there can be identified and feedback/thumbs given.

By the way your selections were very nice!
July 01 2021 15:40:56
MikeB Yes. Album collections are they way to go here. In fact, you can browse member's personal playlists and listen to their lists. Another option for radio like collections. +1
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