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[img][/img] So, now the mix should be right. Hopefully the bass is not too much in the foreground. I tend to mix the bass too much to the front (occupational disease). But thank you RiffRaff for giving us such a great lead. It fits wonderfully into the grandiose track.


Great add Anrak!:W:W+2
June 21 2021 12:05:04
Anrak Thanks RiffRaff I'm really glad you like it. The bass is well defined and doesn't intrude IMHO. I mixed this with the laptop speakers and then checked with good headphones. When I hear the result like this, this should become my preferred way of working.:D:D

......for some stupid reason I never pay attention to the whole thing. Minimal clipping at one point and then forgetting to remove the blank at the end.:o:o
A terrific track well played by all.+2
June 21 2021 12:08:19
Anrak Hi Wade, Thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate that you always faithfully listen in and report!<3<3 Glad you like it. +1
:W heavy bass Anrak, sounds like low and cool :W I like the varying lines, great stuff :W+1
June 24 2021 06:52:17
Anrak Thanks Nick, with the sound I do as you know every time difficult. Either too much treble or it drones. Meanwhile I work with two bass tracks to give the bass enough foundation. And for slaping I still haven't found the ideal sound. The slaping supplies the track with a good punch in my opinion. That I now with the built-in laptop speakers have brought out the best result for me understand who wants.:o:o +1
June 24 2021 15:20:13
rootshell that balance of bass and treble for slapping is hard, or punchiness i guess. I like that you dig into the sound and levels, way too cool :D +1
Comes hard but with Riffraffs add it makes sense. Wish you could hear the juicy picks a little more, like #220672 2:00. Nice mix though+1
June 27 2021 18:35:00
Anrak Thank you Sup Jax. What you describe were also the problems with mixing. I only had the mixed track of all 3 instruments, not individual tracks. I had to compromise on that. But thanks for listening!<3<3 +1
June 30 2021 16:11:21
SupJax What i forgot; did you rerecord to this jam? Couldn't figure it out if it was new.
I only take special mixes when i need special ads. The problem that happened most is sync issues, beside that, I don't think it makes a difference if you use single tracks or all in one. Plain old earphones is what I'm used to, gave the most solid sound effect on all audio systems. But things always change or die over time. Good tune. keep it up
Great job, tough track to sound good in, nice growl in parts, nice lines, some personality, excellent.+1
July 04 2021 07:45:13
Anrak Hi Dirk, thanks for listening in! Glad you like it. I appreciate your words very much.:)<3:) +1
Wow Anrak thats powerful and mixing is always highly subjective, anyway if you are happy then I believe there will always be many others with you, that are certainly grabs my attention and enjoyment and its very cool to hear this beautiful version with your great bass my friend<3:o:):W+0
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