Dance with You w Slonmusic and a Harmonium

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First take, just record... cool song ;-)


August 16 2014 18:52:23
AnneCozeanAnneCozean don't know this instrument, cschlote - thank you for the education! 8) it's always interesting to hear how others relate to a melody. i have found inspiration from Happy Hour myself. :) cheers!

August 15 2014 20:46:44
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice!

August 15 2014 04:08:52
cschlotecschlote @Anne: Thanks for your great inspring vocals ;-)

August 15 2014 04:01:37
SlonMusicSlonMusic Nice!
+1 August 15 2014 04:05:58 SlonMusiccschlote
I just followed my intuition. Sorry for the green notes, but it was recorded out of the stand.
August 15 2014 00:59:53
kimbokimbo now on my "the best" playlist:))
+1 August 15 2014 04:04:45 kimbocschlote
Oh, thanks. I heard this template and had my keys up an ready. After some ticks I got nuts, download and recorded that thing out of the stand. No exercise, just a drunken guy on keys... ;-) The later in the song, the more I adjust to the key and the groove. Unfortunately it stopped before could into ectasy ;-)
Probably with some more planning and escise it could become a WL hit ;-) Crazy thing.
August 15 2014 00:58:03
kimbokimbo pity... it'l only let me give one thubm!!!!:(
great all. partivcularly like the melodica? and anne naturaly

August 14 2014 22:21:57
BabbazittBabbazitt cool everyone!!!!

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