Mesh of ROBJOL 8114 & Jamlady 22098 with vocals

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MajorTom_III1444 jams

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Everytime I close my eyes I see your face.
Long golden hair seems to flow like lace.
Lovin' you seems so easy.
A one-in-a-million love.
With you cuddled in my arms you're an angel from above.
When I say "I love you" that means that I'll be true. I'll place a ring on your finger and pledge my love to you.
Fill my mind with thoughts of you.
Fill my heart with love for you.
Let my spirit sing of you ...


Very soothing for the soul. Great song+4
legal. bonita canção+4
Sweet song and vocals Cody... Guitars and gears may come and go but inner treasure does not :)+3
Well my friend you did add a new color to this song. Thanks.+2
August 15 2014 04:07:15
MajorTom_III You always blow me away with your songs. What a talent +1
oh cody, ich sitze hier, höre dein Song und du bringst mich grade zum weinen! Es ist so wunderschön!+2
Nice work.+1
Nice Vocals cody!:)+1
amazing cool...+1
Very nice Song! Guitar, cello, vocals - perfect trio..+1
very nice:)+1

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