Julliet 2021

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Inkless377 jams
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JoeOnBass380 jams
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Dan creates another awesome ride. Thanks brother!
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ambient, prog


Great tune and sound!!:W:W+1
July 07 2021 07:47:52
JoeOnBass Thank you. It made for a really fun evening. +1
This is cool Joe, always great musical adventures with Dan:o:W+1
This is a treat! Two of my favourite guitarists coming together, both very inventive and exciting! Great track :W+1
via wikiloops radio
Again a great deep tone my friend and great lines. I Love the slides here and there!!:W+1
July 07 2021 16:08:25
JoeOnBass I appreciate the listen. Dan had said it was a grouping of older riffs he had, they sure sounded like a prog arrangement to me, it was a blast working with it. I can't wait to hear other people's takes. +0
CI Section
Super deep end & rhythm... :W+1
July 07 2021 19:21:28
CI Section
JoeOnBass It was an absolute carnival. :-) I restrung the Kubicki bass and used it with the single neck pick-up, bass down, treble up for a more Tool effect. Kind of cool I think, Ill enjoy it until the strings fade out. +1
Really great track ! Bravo guys 👍:W+1
Great sound, so prog!!! I like it 👍+1
Pretty cool stuf you add here Joe ! I like specially the part at 1:13 and 2:42 to the end ( 2 big waves ) . I like your creativity !Thanks for joining joe ! :) :W+1
July 09 2021 22:01:38
JoeOnBass I appreciate your works Dan, thank you. This one took me a little while before I was satisfied with what I'd done. :-)

The end portion is drummed in 4/4, the segmented section prior to it was penned at 100bpm to the 90 bpm guitar track, I was trying to create something different than matched note length or polyrhythms, bass to 100 bpm with the drums but still underlapping the length of the guitar parts. It sounds like a big headache but when I thought about it and planned it out, it sounded a little better in my head than on the recording, lol, but I like the end result.
Inkless is a great guitarist. I always like his ideas. Great bass add here. Maybe a bit more guitar would be cool. But I'm always careful not to step on any ones toes when theres guitar already on a track. :W+1
July 20 2021 02:54:39
JoeOnBass Please jump in if you hear something, on any track I'm on, I'd love it. I always enjoy Inkless, he writes the kind of guitar that gets me creatively thinking. he's a wealth of opportunity to just jam away. +0

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