The RUSH of the Mystery Electric

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Lenny Cowler
great bass ride to my favorit song:):W:W+1
July 08 2021 16:56:19
Lenny Cowler
JoeOnBass Hey Lenny, these drums are great, the double bass drum cymbal strikes are complete Peart all the way, this song is awesome!! Im glad I found it in the archives. +0
via wikiloops radio
Great melodic lines, excellent choice of tones!+1
July 08 2021 16:55:31
JoeOnBass I appreciate the kind comments, this made me feel 14 again. +1
Awesome find and awesome song.+1
This is a hidden gem for sure, Great musicianship. I feel like im listening to Rush for the first time again. The drums, The bass, The Guitar The vocals are perfectly well done. adding to my playlist!+1
July 09 2021 07:41:28
JoeOnBass I appreciate it from my part, Im glad it's getting listened to. it seemed very early Rush era style to me too. +2
Joe, I have loved this track from way back when Rick uploaded this:) You complete it!!! Your bass lines through those solo's are honor Geddy and Rush:W
Rush is my top 3 favorite bands...this track is in the "spirit" of them <3 On loop....
July 09 2021 16:12:25
JoeOnBass That's a wonderful comment, thank you. I certainly can't compare to Geddy's skillset, but at age 14, turning from a brass player to a bass player, there was a lot of heavy Rush influence on me, those early 80's radio stations played a lot of it and I have truly enjoyed their catalog over the years. This track, and a number of others i found with AcousticEG singing on it really bring that Rush flavor, I cherished it too from the moment I heard it. Thank you for listening and enjoying it again after all these years. :-) +1
Checking out your songs. You have a great line up tunes and I very much enjoy your bass and tones you use.:)+1
July 20 2021 02:56:50
JoeOnBass Thank you. I play with the tones, sometimes with metal it's twangy, stuff like this amazing track you created, I used a dry bass first, then added a touch of chorus. Everything you created here is what I grew up on in New England, it's incredible. +0

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