Rise and Fall

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I would like to get in contact with the artist that made this drum track!


May 07 2016 21:41:16
This guitar is so pro sounding. Love it a lot. Blazing riffs don't hurt either :) Very cool. :)
+1 May 07 2016 23:01:43 JDF catruett
Thank you very much :)
October 03 2015 03:01:04
Great! I had to restart the song so I could listen through the monitors as the laptop speaks weren't worthy of the music. Brutal

October 02 2015 07:20:06
Sith LordSith Lord
Great playing, and great production. Loved it!

March 02 2015 17:06:59
This is bad ass. I am new here. I was looking for drums to play along to and instead, I found myself turning up the volume on my Komplete Audio 6 interface. Catruett you are indeed a very creative guitar player. I am a guitarist as well but I would love to sing some vocals to this sometime if I may?
+1 April 12 2015 00:19:27 jehobith catruett
Thank you, and most definitely you can put words on it. If you like this, please check out my band The Amorous Effect on Soundcloud and reverbnation :)
January 07 2015 00:00:43
n1 (rock)

December 20 2014 08:30:09
@Shum, I love you. You are my kinda drummer.

@Catruett, you play/write like I do, I think we would get along pretty well.

+1 December 21 2014 12:50:56 Kino catruett
Thank you, i'll follow you and maybe we can do something sometime :)
October 05 2014 21:42:04
Aamazing song, you two didnt just kill it you murdered it, choppped it up, buried it 10 feet deep and rocked it the f*** back out of the grave. i cant get enough of this song, as soon as i get my recording rig functional i would love to jam with one or both of you. 10 thumbs up. Keep rockin guys!!
+1 October 06 2014 09:28:21 dmondaze91 catruett
Hey thank you :) I have to admit, this is the coolest website ever :) If you get a chance check out The Amorous Effect on soundcloud and reverbnation. I just met shumdrummer on here a while and he is the most amazing drummer ever! Anyways, my name is Chris and thanks again :)
January 14 2015 09:19:35 dmondaze91 catruett
Fucking thank you man, me and shumdrummer are working on an album together. If you lol k up The Amorous Effect on reverbnation and soundcloud there is lots more :) Thanks for listening :)
September 04 2014 06:14:57
Awesome playing, Production and tones. Great track here from you guys.
+1 January 14 2015 09:21:09 Danalyze45 catruett
Thank you. Shumdrummer and I are working on an album together, just look for The Amorous Effect on soundcloud and reverbnation and theres lots more songs :)
August 28 2014 15:53:16
hey mate! this is outstanding soundwise! I mean, the playing is amazing as well, but the sound! thats it!!!
regarding your comment - you could try to contact shumdrummer via personal message (check message button on his profile) ... welcome to wikiloops & rock on!

+1 January 14 2015 09:22:08 Baer catruett
Thank you, I got a hold of shumdrummer and we are making an album together if you look on soundcloud and reverbnation for The Amorous Effect :)
August 18 2014 23:47:21
Great guitar!


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