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With climate change, we really are reaping what we've sown... The world is melting, drowning and dying. Anyway, this is what I call virtual metal - a mix of the real and unreal, stitched together with nothing but the desire to melt your brain...
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Virtual Metal


:W:W Amazing Dan :D+2
Awesome rock Dan ... sounds wicked my friend!! :W:W+1
Intense:o awesome composition Dan <3<3<3+1
:W love your metal vision Dan! :W <3+1
Not my genre, but I like this!+1
Hi Dan, really terrific mix and everything perfect!!! I do not know what I should highlight. Thanks!!!:W:W+1
What a great track! Not brain melting but mind boggling.+1
Mission accomplished my friend :D:W:W:W
Guitar riff is amazing! Real or unreal? :)
hey are you trying make do some more vocals or what wtf this is awesome and sorry man climate change is real but not caused by us I mean we poison the the land but that cow fart shit is stupid beside littering and electricity which is gonna bring the fire brother is has many times we humans are supposed to live in nature with the animals im not saying its not real but the mainstream narrative is all propaganda lies the uppers know how to make clean energy and kill who ever invents clean tech there is a place here in usa a guy invented some kind of perpetual motion free energy device they made him look like a quack not to mention roman rife google it he invented a cure for cancer with fequencys the same ones they use a s weapons poof there you go also a African guy found how to run cars on water he gets no help they can also generate energy with waves in the ocean on the shores with wave generators but a volcano puts out more co2 than we ever could so that settles that lol but we should still use clean energy gas production destroys the land and habitats of many animals+1
Super charged jam, awesome+0

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