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Lovely, Nick! Captures the atmosphere of a lazy, languorous summer day.+3
July 19 2021 19:07:16
rootshell a nice summer nap in the what I need :D thx Dan, much appreciated :) +0
Love the atmosphere created by these chords...magic! <3+3
July 19 2021 19:06:00
rootshell thank you Carlo. made a tweak on my pedal as well to get that acoustic dreamy cross... or at least i tried haha :) +1
July 19 2021 20:12:05
Carlomac Great sound Nick :W +1
Dreamy but with a dark twist. :W
It reminds my of a poem my wife wrote. She snapped a picture of a mushroom growing in our field and wrote a poem to go with it in less than 5 minutes. She can write crazy stuff in minutes. She's written thousands of poems for animal rescue's. Your track just reminded me of the title she gave it.

July 19 2021 20:10:28
rootshell wow that's really awesome Ron. does she have like an Etsy or something? really great writing/poetry <3 +1
July 19 2021 20:46:29
Riffraff No, she doesn't sell them or anything but people Facebook message her and ask her to write tear jerker poems for them all the time. She's a hell of a wordsmith. It comes super easy for her. I told her I heard a song that reminded me of this and posted it here and she responded with lyrics for a song. I guess I need to write a country song now. LOL! +1
July 19 2021 20:54:20
rootshell with a talent like that, she should put some of that out there. like that photo and lyrics on distressed piece of wood...I know I would buy it! that's awesome Ron, crank out that country song my friend! :D :) +1
Mellow groovy summer simmer ... must have some herbs in that cookpot!! Sounds like an epic extended intro to some very heavy metal! Was just waiting for the drum strike! :O Nice Nick! :W+1
July 19 2021 19:05:06
rootshell hehe I wish it was crockpot weather, love me slow cooked, packed with herbs n spices, soup :) thx brotha, it does have like an interlude feel :W +1
wow!! depressing. but still works as a song. nice job. not sure I want to cry or add to it:|👍+1
July 20 2021 03:59:50
rootshell speaking of sax, this is one I thought sax would make it more interesting :) +2
July 20 2021 05:44:59
rootshell :D +0
A bit of mystery, but too much like work to solve? Ah summer heat...wish I had some right now.+1
July 20 2021 17:09:40
rootshell hehe, thanks for the listen Wade :D +1
Absolutely Gorgeous Music this one brings back beautifully special memories for me and gives me a sentimental tear or two, thank you Nick<3<3<3+1
July 20 2021 20:44:51
rootshell thank you so much Peter, i really love what you did with this relaxing and peaceful...the water just makes it even more enjoyable...i just want to relax in the hot tub and loop your remix over and over... <3 +1
July 20 2021 20:51:27
PJE Soothing sounds of water eh....I guess its kind of taking us back to the warm security of our mothers, back to before we crashed the world if you know what I mean:) +1

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