Red Gypsy Moon (bass add)

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Acousticeg336 jams
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My Good God that's awesome!
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bullfight, gypsy bar, deep mexico


I picture this in a movie.. at a scene where a bunch of guys with guns get out of a car in slow motion and open fire on the good guys and the hero good guy wins. I like this kind of music very much, well done Acousticeg and Joe:Y+2
Olé ! Great!:)+1
Great job! Playing bass without percussion is always tricky, but you nailed it - very tight!+1
July 29 2021 17:23:00
JoeOnBass fortunately he played it very percussively. I spent a lot of years growing up around Nuno Bettencourt, who is a really percussive guitarist, so that helped. This piece is just really impressive guitar stuffs. +2
Well now this is a little different!! Nice job Joe and .. Rick! :D:D:W+1
July 29 2021 17:22:05
JoeOnBass I've been going through some of Rick's older stuff and I found this and I was just blown away, he's really amazing. I had to sit with it for a while and map out what he did and tried, and I mean it's not close to what he did, but I tried to mock some of the awesomeness. Thank goodness it wasn't a 5 minute track, I'd never have been able to keep up. He's really great. +2
July 29 2021 17:36:37
Ernie440 nice that you're scouring the archives ... we tend to do the current stuff, hats off to you for that bro!! Rick is a great player (as are U) yessir! :W +2
Oh wow, the bass is such a cool add. I've never had a bass player interested in even trying something like this. This is the kind of stuff I doodle around on acoustic at night watching TV. lol I've kinda gotten away from my early Al Di Meola influence. Maybe time to get back into to it again.:)+1
July 30 2021 02:21:09
JoeOnBass I'll say it, everyone should be into Al DiMeola! This was so amazing, I was speechless when I first heard it and spent the night on it. Brilliant works, you are a legend to me! :W<3 +0
amazingly awesome Joe :W sounds like you put in serious work here, bravo on this, what a fantastic piece of musicianship from you two+1
July 30 2021 03:41:22
JoeOnBass It was a lot of deciphering for sure. +1
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