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I've had a few others do mixes of this song with wonderful results so I am opening it up for a wikiloops jam cuz there's some badass musicians on here and it would be AWESOME to have a full album of different interpretations of this. You can hear previous mixes of this song on in my set-list on SoundCloud: If this turns out well, I would like to sell the EP/Album on BandCamp and donate proceeds to the Drop-in Center Homeless Shelter ...
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acoustic guitar


very nice chord progression, played by outstanding, my thumb is you sure ;o)+1
The chords................ ok hope you under..............+0
muito bom+0
August 19 2014 03:25:41
francisco al
Neal_Visher Thanks francisco :) +0
August 20 2014 05:26:33
francisco al
francisco al ok Neal +0
nice acoustic sound and playing :) me likes !+0
cool playing+0
Nice one+0
Very nice!+0
November 10 2014 19:48:49
Neal_Visher ty - pls join :) +0
Excellent !! :)+0
February 04 2017 02:58:50

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