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I found this beautiful composition yesterday when I was looking for a pattern for my new flute in F#. Thank you "FrankieJ" and "Cantaloopo"! I was able to buy a new flute yesterday at "Feather Wind Flutes" (birthday). I visited the flute maker and was able to try out some instruments. The choice was hard, but finally I decided on this flute made of maple wood. Its sound is powerful and yet also gentle! In my gallery is a ...


fantastic Peter, I'll be there (also with the statement from Joe-LittleWing-< die besten Glückwünsche zu deinem Geburtstag Peter<3<3:W:W+2
September 09 2021 21:55:46
Pewi Vielen Dank Rolf! Eigentlich hatte ich vor zwei Wochen Geburtstag, aber Glückwünsche kann man immer gebrauchen;) +1
Happy birthday my friend :) always a thrill to hear you play ! wonderful soft sound and great playing ;) nice addition to your collection !+2
September 09 2021 21:59:01
Pewi Thanks a lot! I actually had a birthday two weeks ago, but am very happy about the congratulations! +1
Sounds as beautiful as it looks!..And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!+1
September 09 2021 17:39:43
Pewi Thank you very much!!now I have a six and a three on my account;) +1
September 09 2021 18:27:18
LittleWing When I was 20 I worked with a gentleman who was 63.
We would go to the pub afterwork. I would go to the bathroom and come back and more then once, he would have 3, 4, 5 pretty girls sitting in my seat at the booth, all waiting to meet me because he talked them into what a great catch I was. He was happily married but he had no problem talking to the ladies.It happened all the time.One day I asked him "Jim! How do you do that? You are 63 years old and you get more 20 year old females then anyone I know!
I will never forget him turning to me and tapping his forehead and just saying , "my boy...its all up here".
September 09 2021 18:51:16
Pewi And Jim is right;):) +1
Love it! Very nice melody you pluck from the ether :)+1
September 09 2021 18:51:48
Pewi Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it:) +0
Ein sehr schönes Instrument mit einem - für meine Ohren - weichen und runden Klang. Und natürlich das melodische Kleinod nicht zu vergessen, dass du hier mal wieder abgeliefert hast! :)+1
September 09 2021 18:53:38
Pewi Vielen Dank Heinz! Ich bewundere das, wenn jemand ein solches Instrument aus einem Stück Holz erschaffen kann:)
Vielen Dank auch für Deine tolle Unterstützung:)
Beautiful cool mellow sound from your new flute and with your wonderful Creative melodies this is "must" listening!!!! You keep growing and growing!!!! Excellent, Peter!!!!!+1
September 09 2021 18:54:41
Pewi Thank you for your loyal visits and motivating comments!!! +0
Your flute is the perfect complement to this trio. The choice of the native especially. Other strings wouldn't do this poetry ;) Et excellent anniversaire je crois <3+1
September 09 2021 22:01:06
Pewi I'm so glad you like it! I actually had two weeks ago birthday, but in any case thank you so much for the congratulations:) +0
Another splendid instrument in the right hands .... yours hands! Sound wonderful! Happy Birthday Peter!!+1
September 09 2021 22:02:47
Pewi Thanks for the motivating words!!! I actually had birthday two weeks ago, am still very happy about the congratulations<3 +1
Lovely flowing melodic playing.+1
September 09 2021 22:03:07
Pewi Thank you so much for That:):) +1
That's a great sound Peter, and the flute looks wonderful, real nice piece of craftmanship. Congrats!+1
September 09 2021 22:06:00
Pewi Thank you Piet! I'm glad you like it!:) +1

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