It's Always the Fall

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Love ARNO's dark piano and JDF's Roger Waters toned vox. Thanks for bringing a fat smooth bottom Ernie! [youtube]BfS-6nlieKY [/youtube]
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Fall then Redemption


feel like hope and despair...sweet jam, love the epic guitar work Ron :W+2
September 14 2021 22:53:59
Riffraff Thanks Nick. :) Funny you mentioned hope & despair because I have a video ready to slap it in too. I built it this morning for the non-bass version so I just need to swap the audio file. Unfortunately it's not as elaborate the other two I posted in the forum with real video clips but the subject matter is a good fit. +1
September 14 2021 23:19:37
rootshell cool, can't wait to see it. what do you use for the video creation and video clips? just curious +0
September 15 2021 00:01:44
Riffraff I used Shotcut for the "Fall of Mankind" & "Natural Selection" videos because they were more involved. FOM has clips from a couple of scene compilation vids that were already on YT. NS has clips from a Facebook post where people were discussing people doing stupid stunts and some dude that does some really frightening rooftop stunts. This will just be a series of pictures so I'm using an old slide show type program I have on an ancient XP laptop. The laptop is a mess, no battery, dead keys, starts in safe mode with every bootup. lol! +1
September 15 2021 01:41:51
rootshell ahh OK...the only video I did, I used whatever video processing program that Windows 10 has, plus vid clips from or some other stock site. it's definitely a lot of work, but always interesting to see it in video format for the storytelling :) +1
September 15 2021 02:24:35
Riffraff Shotcut is a free download. It has a lot of tools in it. I guess it's been around for a while too because every time I wanted to know how to do something I googled it and found a video showing me how to do it. That helps A LOT. :D +1
Sounds specky-tacular Ron .. I knew it would. Most excellent guitaring on this my fine compadre!! Really turned this into a complete song. :D:W:W+1
September 15 2021 00:27:54
Riffraff Thanks brother. I was just waiting for your bass line to wrap it up. :D Thanks for adding a great one. :W +1
September 15 2021 02:40:08
Ernie440 Cool little project my friend ... dig the vid too!! :W:W +1
September 15 2021 02:49:08
Riffraff Not as fun as the others but I was slammed with work and conference calls today so I just used my old lame slide show program. I stuck with JDF's theme though. +1
sounds real nice to me :) liking that guitar riffraff, cool song from you all too :)+1
September 14 2021 22:56:01
Riffraff Thanks Shi. This was a lot of fun to do. I really like Arno's moody piano track and JDF's vox add. His lyrics are really moving. +0
You came back! And a good thing too. This is an amazing track.+1
September 15 2021 00:08:34
Riffraff Thanks Wade. I like it a lot too. :) +1

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