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wow, so beautiful <3+2
October 26 2021 08:20:21
titi Thank you Isa :) +1
Beautiful track:)+1
October 25 2021 19:36:08
titi Thanks Carp' :) +1
this is beautiful :)+1
October 26 2021 08:20:06
titi Thanks Mr :) +1
Super tune ! great blowing !...although it sounds more to me like "A Betty named Rose " :)+1
October 26 2021 12:52:33
titi Hello John. Glad to find here again :) +1
So good to hear you working up your own templates...and leaving room for others (and me!) to join in.
Just a note: soon listens and comments from me are going to be more scarce as my busy work time of the year kicks in.
October 27 2021 13:32:57
titi I would love to listen to you on the second part. So what activity will hold you back in the next few days? (I don't want to be intrusive) +1
October 27 2021 20:01:30
Wade I work on the land (forestry and horticulture) so it's spring/summer maintenance. There's still a demand for wood and food, so not a problem. The lockdown and extremely wet weather has put me way behind though, so there's a lot of work to do that has piled up. Today it's still raining, so I'm around. When it dries up enough my work days will be very long. When I can I'll pop in, but not be able to hear everybody's tracks. This will go on (and off depending on the weather) for a few months. January and February are not so busy, but March through May is harvest season and busy again (weather and crop depending). +1
October 27 2021 21:08:41
titi Good luck in your exterior work. I saw an excellent report in immersion in your beautiful country. It is huge and there are not many of you, so nature is everywhere around you. If you are talking about rain right now, is it because you live on the South Island? Who is rainy and windy I think?
It is an extremely beautiful country, and island life is sometimes difficult for young people who want to see the country. They may be leaving or going to live in Auckland.
It is a destination that I would like to know despite my somewhat hazardous English vocabulary. But I've made a lot of progress with Wikiloops. Be careful in your outdoor activities because I think your twenties are a long way off ;)
October 28 2021 00:00:15
Wade Ah yes, my 20s have long past. Now at 75 most people are long retired, but I'm just not interested in sitting around and doing nothing.

I'm not far from Auckland but out in the countryside. Very green with around 2,000 mm of rain a year. The South Island is quite cold with the west coast wet and the east coast mostly dry.

Where I live it's considered "sub-tropical". We can grow some tropical types of fruit as well as all of the deciduous types. Our main crop is figs. We also grow timber and have another forest further north. The work is strenuous but rewarding. You would be welcome to come visit, but I don't know when that would be possible. Three other Wikiloops members from Europe have visited in the past.
October 28 2021 07:42:33
titi Yes, I know that some members came to visit you in your beautiful country. Being active and do not prolong the position of the couch is a good philosophy. We must continue to do things. And when or it will be beyond the pleasure you will have to stop. A Chinese proverb says "Love your work and you will never work."I like this idea. In your case this activity is also necessary, which also motivates. +1
What a great pleasure!<3+1
November 01 2021 19:50:26
titi Thanks Peter :) +0
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