Walking Man (new version)

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I made a new version without the first Intro on 13547 - bass and other intruments are welcome...
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chill out, experimental, movie


very cool+2
I LOVE this, what a moody, magnificent atmosphere you got here going @Fresh !!
Oh man, if only i could record & upload… :O
August 30 2014 00:45:00
AirFlow thanks Nuno - what is the problem? Can not record and upload? +1
August 30 2014 00:53:14
nuno1959 My interface developed a fault & had to return it to be exchanged !! :(
I KNOW in a few days it WILL be here ( Thomann after sales is 1st Class.. ) but until then.. I'm suffering !! ;)
August 30 2014 00:59:09
AirFlow Oh no - that is frustration
for you i understand - next day you get a new :) which audio interface did you choose?
August 30 2014 03:12:01
nuno1959 I ended up opting for the SPL Crimson :
Made in Germany, built like a tank/super quality, VERY intuitive to work with, love it's form factor & all the reviews about it rave about the quality of it's pres..
Plus it DOESN'T need any drivers to work w/ Mac OS X : ABSOLUTELY plug & play !!
Fact is that i immediately noticed an improvement in quality despite my ''recording ignorance'' ;)
awsome !+1
very cool ;o)+1
great!!!!!!!great sound FRESH+1
August 30 2014 13:54:57
AirFlow thx dave :) +0
real nice Fresh+1
Fotsteps in my head, very cool:D+1
Beautiful atmosphere! 👍+1

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