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haven't played my bass in several days as I'm busy roofing part of the house, but it's raining today, so I squeezed this jam in with Mika and Nick .. really cool playing you guys, thanks!! :W:D
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I'm gettin a roof too Ernie...OMG..you should have seen the bids..Maybe you saw some and that's why you are up there 28k for a 1300sq ft ranch????:|:o+1
October 31 2021 17:12:16
Ernie440 WOW :O that's an insane price brother .. yep .. the price of building materials now with what contractors want ... SCARY. +1
October 31 2021 17:13:51
Fishinmissio Yeah I got from $80 to $180 on a sheet of plywood..Id comment on your ad but it looks like we are in delayed playing mode again +1
October 31 2021 17:15:19
Ernie440 yeah big delay .. and yeah .. thanks Joe, Trudeau and all for destroying the economies ... these guys are f'ing a-HOLES ... big time. +2
October 31 2021 17:16:23
Fishinmissio Yeah..an 85 car motorcade...all the while tryin to fix Global Warming +1
Now I've broken my roof too, flying like a rocket after listening to this track :o:D
Great work from Nick, Mika and Ernie :W
October 31 2021 17:18:51
Ernie440 LOL, hard on the head!! Thanks amigo Carlo :D:W +0
Mika Tohve
Heavy ride blowing the roof off! :Y:D+1
November 01 2021 01:24:59
Mika Tohve
Ernie440 LOL .. good one Mika ... great to jam on the thunder drums my friend! :O:W +1
lol self nailing that roof are we... B)+1
November 01 2021 01:24:28
Ernie440 I wish it was a self nailing roof dude .. yep .. pounding some nails .. I hate heights! :O Thanks brah. +0
Trying to get er done before it gets too cold eh? Behind every cloud theres a silver lining...a rainy day means Ernie can play!<3:D<3:D<3+1
November 01 2021 01:25:44
Ernie440 GET 'ER DONE!!! Yep, that's the plan Tu :D Thanks for the kind werds :)<3 +1
If your roofing skills are like your bass playing then you have the best roof in your area!!!!! Very cool playing, Ernie!!!!+1
November 01 2021 01:23:24
Ernie440 Well haha, I know I haven't spent as much time roofing as pounding those 4 strings ... but I'm taking my time, so should be good .. :D Thanks Dan. +0
you will always find the right drive Ernie, bass, sound, speed ... right:):W+1
November 01 2021 01:22:45
Ernie440 many thanx Rolf! :D:D +1
Roofing! Major horrible job. At least you don't have to deal with the snakes. Every house where we live in Australia has snakes in the roof cavity. So glad you took a break and added your fine bass lines to this great track.+1
November 01 2021 01:22:26
Ernie440 haha yeah, not my favorite thing to do .. once every thirty years .. doubt I'll be doing it next time .. LOL .. thanks a lot for listening Wade .. :D Yeah no snakes :O ... the odd dead mouse. ;) +1
November 01 2021 13:56:29
Ernie440 I should add that roofing in your 60's as opposed to your 30's seems so much harder on hips, knees, back, forearms, neck, hands, shoulders, shins, feet, ankles etc. .. haha :D

November 01 2021 19:57:13
Wade It's an awful job. I just did a repair on mine and still have to make a bit to ensure that where the water is in a concentrated flow it doesn't wear out too soon. I'm fabricating a stainless steel section for that. Still not sure how I'm attaching it to our shingle roof though. I can assure you that it doesn't get easier when you're in your mid 70s like I am! +1
November 02 2021 01:00:21
Ernie440 It doesn't get easier??? :O A local roofer here who is in his 70's fell off a roof a couple years back .. roofed his whole adult life.. well that put an end to his career in a hurry. You never see these guys with safety harnesses for instance. I have one but I can't stand it cuz it's so heavy and in the way of things. Just go slow :) Yeah that's a bit of a dilemma, added a stainless section to a shingled roof. Best to ask a pro! Screws and tar I suppose, haha. Good luck with that. +1
November 02 2021 06:03:01
Wade The roofing guys here are more like "Paint By The Numbers types". If it's anything out of the ordinary they haven't a clue. I think they are also happy to have a section wear out sooner so that they get the work. Cynical...but unfortunately true. I'm sure I can make it work...the magic ingredient for roofs is silicone! +1
November 02 2021 14:38:44
Ernie440 Silly Cone it is! :D Cynical?? nah .. just the truth, that's why it's better to do it yourself in a lot of cases. There are good craftsmen out there for sure, but getting hold of one (you can afford) is like finding hen's teeth. +1
November 04 2021 14:31:07
Ernie440 FYI You inspired me to get some clear silicone to protect and seal a few areas on the roof I'm working on up against the siding. I've been using a product called mono ultra but haven't been really pleased with how it holds up, some kind of chem concoction .. not silicone .. so I'm going to try that on the roof. Only thing that bothers me about silicone is that paint doesn't stick to it .. and that's my thoughts on sealants today ... +1
November 04 2021 18:44:14
Wade You'll never see the little unpainted strip unless you're flying a drone up close! Better to have no leaks. Good call. +1
November 04 2021 21:13:07
Ernie440 LOL .. that's true :D +1
I love this rippin' rocker! Outstanding play in this my friend. Ah...roof work. :@ I feel your pain. My wife and I have been doing a lot of work on a house in a family trust we are getting ready for sale. It's been empty for the last 4 years since my mom had a stroke and went into a nursing home. The mice, my god the mice. I don't think she has thrown a thing out since 1985. We filled a 20 yard dumpster and are still tossing stuff and giving away furniture. I've been shredding papers for a month. I hired a carpenter to replace some siding in a few spots that needed it because of rot and that uncovered framing rot and turned into $15k of work. :( It's almost ready. We're rushing to finish painting a deck that badly needs it before the weather turns ugly for the season. Our hands, arms and a bunch of our clothing is covered with paint, lol!+1
November 01 2021 14:59:49
Ernie440 Thanks bro!!! :D Sorry about your mom and that sounds like a horrendous amount of work but these things happen, when my mom went into the home, it was a similar situation. Lots to do to unload the property. ... We forge ahead, until we can't .. :):O +1
November 02 2021 00:52:17
Ernie440 heya Jef, thanks brotha! :D +0
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