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Got a gansta car, like a movie star. Got a pretty girl on his arm, hanging on to every word, and yes he can put on the charm and out they come those little birds, a fluttering round like butterflies, with dollar signs lighting up their eyes, pretty please and I’ll be nice, yeah pimpin’. Got his entourage, just like camouflage. They be staying close, staying tight, moving on the left and right to keep his enemies at bay, there’s only one thing left to say and all it takes is just one word and just in case you haven’t heard, well he’s the man it’s plain to see and everyone would like to be pimpin’. Yeah hmm So he’s on the prowl, he’s a real night owl. Moving like a tiger cause he’s got an eye for you and baby he decides just when he’ll make his move, and you should be aware, that he don’t really care and he feels nothing, cause he’s pimpin’. (Shi 2014)

Added guitar, one take not perfect at all, I just played without so much thinking:) Really like this song! T


September 02 2014 01:55:58
MrAdamOnDrumsMrAdamOnDrums Amazing!
+1 September 07 2014 11:08:47 MrAdamOnDrumsakethesnaker
Well, you`re the drummer!:D
September 01 2014 02:29:12
texassontexasson Always expanding!Great Job by all!

August 31 2014 19:59:49
dimeomaxdimeomax Perfect Ake and very cool U all

August 31 2014 15:42:41
RickplayerRickplayer great playing

August 31 2014 11:31:51
KeitonKeiton Cool :)

August 31 2014 10:48:47
gnoerrebygnoerreby Cool!

August 31 2014 10:28:33
ShiShi woohoo ake..real nice :)

August 31 2014 09:09:43
UloisiusUloisius cool ;o)

August 31 2014 08:42:08
jmrukkersjmrukkers Fab, nice mix as well

August 31 2014 08:34:52
chrisbasschrisbass very very nice

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