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I slowed it down to a more "Fela" pace and added some basic Fela type of stuff. I left space for some solos. Hope you like. :)


Oh my god, what's going on here? How cool is that? A bit slower and very suitable sound, and it's a different world. I take off my hat that's just awesome. Thanks for the listening pleasure. :o<3<3πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘+2
November 07 2021 22:08:44
zedders Thanks man - took me all day! Where does the time go? lol It's going to go up a notch tomorrow now Filo has sung on it. :W +1
November 07 2021 22:16:36
Baerenkind Oh yes, time is really a problem, now and then I get into trouble with my wife. She always asks if I'm married to wikiloops. OK, if she knew that I would like to make music with you 24 hours straight, she would probably no longer be my wife hahaha +0
November 07 2021 22:20:21
zedders Lucky me - I'm happily divorced, floating about on my little boat and can do as I please. :) +1
Fantastic job from you zedders ! <3<3<3 It sounds really more like Fela's music even if I would have liked a less deaf sound but... it's really excellent overall <3 :W:Y:W Thank you+1
November 07 2021 18:55:41
zedders Kind words my friend. I was lucky enough to see Fela (Ransome) Kuti live and later his son when he took the reigns. I wanted to go crazy on the keyboards but I'd have just made a fool of myself. lol The discordant key and brass - nobody does it so well.
Yeah, dull mix, I was fighting all the harsh high frequency that isn't on your latest mix. I may swap things around, give it another go and merge your vocal in if it's ok with you - it still sounds cool slowed down, I just tried it. :)
November 07 2021 19:33:21
Filo974 Finally a real real Fela fan, I uplowload the voices apart and you see what you can do ? ;) +1
And I love the brass idea πŸ‘+1
Nice old live sound <3+0

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