She'll Beat Me Like A Rented Mule

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cody tripp

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Now my baby treats me so mean.
When I try to speak she just starts to scream.
Throwin' left hooks, uppercuts and rights.
I swear she's gonna put out my lights.
2 black eyes and some missing teeth.
Why does she give me all this grief?
Oh Lord I know it's true.
One thing she says she's gonna do.
Is beat me like a rented mule.
Oh Lord I know it's true.

Who wears the pants in my house?
Am I a man or am I mouse?
A piece of cheese sure sounds great.
But I know she's using it as bait.
One thing she says she's gonna do.
Is beat me like a rented mule.


September 24 2014 23:52:45
DrumshticksDrumshticks Cody thanks for vocals ,love the lyrics .I would find a monestary after this relationship. D
+1 September 25 2014 00:35:24 Drumshtickscody tripp
ha ha. Man I love your drumming. One of my favorites on here.
September 04 2014 02:35:17
akethesnakerakethesnaker This is the shit!

September 01 2014 03:53:36
SlonMusicSlonMusic Ha ha great blues!!=)

September 01 2014 02:46:55
RickplayerRickplayer super cool

September 01 2014 02:42:32
ToadCruncherToadCruncher lol, title
i was expecting it to country.hehe

+1 September 01 2014 02:56:04 ToadCrunchercody tripp
Just my sick warped sense of humor ha ha
September 01 2014 01:51:29
RobMRobM Very Cool :)

August 31 2014 23:57:58
chrisbasschrisbass screaming..great

August 31 2014 22:39:24
bhunt1bhunt1 totally cool!

August 31 2014 17:49:16
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Perfect Cody:)

August 31 2014 17:34:44
nuno1959nuno1959 Naughty girl… but good rockin' ;)

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