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I’ve heard it said it was a rough and dangerous life, and I might agree as I waved goodbye to my wife. And the ship set sail and the wind was blowing fast, as the rain came down and we left the Harbour at last. Singing oh oh catch me if you can, singing oh oh you are the Harpun man. So I lit my lamp and my bed swung to and fro, it was cold and damp and we ...
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Rock, story telling


Lovely! You sounds better and better, like an old stored vine!;) Thanks+2
September 01 2014 10:02:56
Shi Hi Ake, thanks I am so glad you like it. Real nice track from you and Dan :) +0
cool lyrics and vocals :) ... sailing stories mmmm yummy+1
Stunning Shi!:)love it!:)+1
Girl ,this is great ! You need to get with Ake and Dan and sale this. :D+1
Has a sweet folk feel ;)+1
it flows :) good job from all+1
Lovely gentle piece. Well done all.+1
muito legal. bonita musica, ótimo volume do vocal+1
Sweet voice and beautiful lyrics on a perfect template.+1
September 12 2014 20:44:13
Shi thankyou :) +0
November 15 2014 22:00:10
Shi thanks B you are kind :) +2
November 16 2014 00:17:56
Babbazitt credit goes to where credit is due Shi!!!! +0

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