Bullfrogs in the Japanese Garden

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Yes I May Have Totally Lost My Mind. This was the very first programmed thing that I did almost 11 years ago. I was really afraid to put it up on wikiloops cause I thought I'd get laughed right off of here. It sure shocked me when I got thumbs and nice comments. I've come to realize that you are just as crazy as me. Gotta love that !!


August 24 2016 01:22:06
TofzegritTofzegrit A travel

May 29 2015 08:47:08
JMB65JMB65 The title get's first prize!! :D

March 01 2015 23:08:59
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens I'll have some of whatever you're having Cody! Another gem!

January 11 2015 06:10:53
mic1011mic1011 I have listened to this 5 times in a row. Just listening to the virtual frogs chatter and hearing the pattern. Awesome feeling. Telling you this because so few really ever know how their uploads effect others, if at all. ;)

January 11 2015 06:06:21
mic1011mic1011 I'm making this my ringtone. That's it.

January 11 2015 06:04:36
mic1011mic1011 It is such a shame these tracks every day just get dismissed with yesterday's news. This is a work of art, a major great effort. Makes me wonder sometimes why we make music. What good is it if great music like this just sits there in a file on the internet, unseen forever? Sad.

Great stuff Cody.

+1 January 11 2015 06:13:54 mic1011cody tripp
It's all your fault mic. You keep putting up all that great music and everyone goes to listen to your stuff and the rest of us just sit in silence. You're such a punk ha ha
January 11 2015 05:59:36
mic1011mic1011 This thing is like the best thing EVA

September 04 2014 22:38:36
akethesnakerakethesnaker Love it!;)

September 03 2014 18:27:40
BassterBasster Great stuff buddy!! Pretty cool idea!!

September 03 2014 11:11:55
chrisbasschrisbass nice & cool


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