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Sorry guys, but not being able to record my bass drives me nuts so.. i get itchy & start getting ideas &… one of them is this
Loved the mix to begin with so i wrote a romantic little lyric & recorded it using my computer's built-in mic so obviously the quality is less than ideal - as if i was a great singer & that mattered !!…LOL..
Anyway, tried to leave some space for maybe a little guitar solo, horns or ...


Ou Nuno,I knew that you are a great bassist,but you're also a singer,very nice surprise:)+2
September 03 2014 14:45:10
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 Thanks Lenny, yes i used to sing & reasonably well YEARS AGO but these days my voice is SO unsure by sheer lack of use i guess !?
Then again who cares, i had fun & if people like it so much the better ;)
Here is expressed all the canary that there is in you, and frankly I was not expecting so much canary because you are really a cool singer! :)+2
September 04 2014 15:29:41
nuno1959 Thanks Doc, appreciated but… why has everyone suddenly fled my neighbourhood ?? :D +1
September 05 2014 00:39:16
docnat they will never have seen a so big canary, I think. What else? +3
September 05 2014 01:00:24
nuno1959 all 220 pounds of it !! :D +0
Nuno sings, yeah!+1
September 03 2014 10:07:37
nuno1959 Yes, sometimes…in the shower… & when i do plants outside the window usually … die !! :D +1
Wow Nuno is there anything you can't do well? Love it+1
September 03 2014 10:08:55
nuno1959 Thanks Cody !! Appreciated !
Can't bake even if my life depended on it !!
There, happy ? ;)
September 03 2014 17:50:50
MajorTom_III That's so disappointing!! I think you have just destroyed my inner child +0
and a crooner as well!+1
September 03 2014 10:09:37
nuno1959 This is SO unlike me, but yeah.. good fun ! +0
very, very cool ;o)+1
September 03 2014 12:55:36
nuno1959 Thank you Uloisius but… my voice is so out of whack, i REALLY should sing a lot more to get it back ''in shape''.. :| +0
September 03 2014 14:00:26
Uloisius your voice is good, you alternate half an hour to the beach and scream to release properly, drink three whiskey afterwards and she is perfect ;o) +1
September 03 2014 14:40:47
nuno1959 Thanks for the advice - i specially liked the beach & the whiskey parts !! :D +1
nice work Nuno!+1
September 03 2014 14:41:55
nuno1959 Cheers Marceys, much appreciated & thanks for such a nice Keyboard part here ;) +0
nice take buddy :) ... for an outdated old musician :P+1
September 03 2014 14:48:31
nuno1959 Thank you OliV ! Much appreciated..
Now… regarding the 2nd part :
When we move to the Home in Amsterdam we'll have plenty of time to sort this one out…
I'll come play the bass at max volume outside your room's door at 4AM see how that feels you …
I'll give you old, no respect from these young bums anymore, DAMN !! :D
Nuno, can sing? *boingboombang* good job mate ;) :)+1
September 03 2014 17:32:17
nuno1959 Yup, this time none of that headbanging or heavy funky stuff i tend to prefer ! Go figure !? ;)
Thank you Adu, glad you liked it...
I am pleasantly surprised by the soft and warm voice. Nuno, and above I was a fan of yours, but now I'm your disciple.+1
September 03 2014 17:35:11
nuno1959 Thanks Gio, much appreciated !
Now, about becoming a disciple : if i found a Church, will you start giving me a tenth of your income ? ;)
THAT would be AWESOME !! I could buy more basses, guitars, microphones to help me sing better :D
September 03 2014 17:46:03
gioganotti I'll give you free every tenth note. :) +2
September 03 2014 18:14:44
nuno1959 WELL SAID !! :D :D +1
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