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I've found a website that gave me random lyric, i wanted to practice my singing not my writing skill ... ! I don't speak much english ...

Here are the lyrics, they make no sens at all but were given to me by a website :

It began on a divorced January night:
I was the most down to earth solicitor around,
She was the most warty lawyer.

She was my ,
My warty ,
My lawyer.

We used to drive so well together,
Back then.
We wanted to love together, around the world,
We wanted it all.

But one night, one divorced night,
We decided to love too much.
Together we shot a gentleman.
It was wet, so wet.

From that moment our relationship changed.
She grew so mild.

And then it happened:

Oh no! Oh no!

She smoked a ghost.
Alas, a ghost!
My smoked a ghost.
It was single, so single.

The next day I thought my brain had broken,
I thought my teeth had burst into flames,
(But I was actually overreacting a little.)


September 23 2014 22:10:34
COSIMOROCKCOSIMOROCK surprise!!!!! very very cool. Beautiful voice.

September 21 2014 22:03:47
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal

September 04 2014 12:41:46
jmrukkersjmrukkers Nice surprize, works very will. Well sung.

September 04 2014 07:40:33
texassontexasson Nice job.

September 04 2014 06:56:15
haddockhaddock Very nice singing! Interesting lyrics :)

September 04 2014 03:26:03
nuno1959nuno1959 Yup, they sure don't make much sense but… you made them work, well done ! ;)

September 04 2014 02:55:12
cody trippcody tripp cool

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