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Just a little ranting again on the built-in mic of my computer…. No writing, it was ad-libed right after listening to the ''Japanese Garden'' mix by Cody, Lenny & Basster - sorry guys if i twisted it around too much but i must admit, good fun doing it !! Enjoy...


a little banananananananananas - served with chocolate chips and icecream :)+2
September 04 2014 22:12:44
nuno1959 A banana split ?? YES PLEASE !!! ;) +0
You sir, were on a roll, like a man wearing only plastic wrap, we can clearly see your nuts. Keep it up, fun to hear!+2
September 05 2014 00:09:12
nuno1959 Thanks KM !! Had a good laugh now… ;) +2
Really cool nuno!:)....u are a 1 off m8!:D+1
September 04 2014 19:53:51
nuno1959 Thanks Inci but… I'm… so friggin' T I R E D !! :|
Me & my twisted sense of humour.. ;)
September 04 2014 19:54:47
incivanpico just love it!:D +0
nice confession:)+1
September 04 2014 20:35:15
Lenny Cowler
nuno1959 Thanks Lenny, i think i might do more of these in the future, they're such fun ;) +1
that's cool ! dun go shoot ppl for no reason !! eat an ice cream instead !!
liked the king crimson quote ;)
September 04 2014 20:34:30
nuno1959 Thanks OliV ! ;)
I'll settle for the ice cream for now but, i CANNOT answer for myself if i see someone crossing the road wearing a dino cap………….
The Crimson quote is one of my ALL TIME favourite things EVER, glad you noticed :D
September 04 2014 20:38:29
OliVBee dinosaur ... king crimson ... hey ? rings a bell ??? ;) +1
September 04 2014 20:41:29
nuno1959 I know, I'm a species on the verge of extinction myself hence the attraction.. :D +0
Shut the music down when you go to sleep and you will find deeper dreams :D+1
September 04 2014 20:32:09
nuno1959 Ah Nero !! I wish i could : The voices, the voices !!… THEY are driving me CRAZY !! :D +1
lIKE IT!:)+1
September 04 2014 20:45:24
nuno1959 Thanks Mish & yes i thought this would be up your alley ! ;) +1
Super! You can be our prime minister!:D Election is sep 14;)+1
September 04 2014 22:38:11
nuno1959 I'll nominate you Minister for Beer Affairs !! ;)
Just make sure they ARE chilled...
Dude you must be a genius to put some vocals to this. Love it !!!+1
September 04 2014 23:09:10
nuno1959 Thanks Cody, glad you had fun listening !!
As soon as i heard it i knew i wanted to do something but hey… I'm no genius just a cranky old fart !! :D :D
September 05 2014 00:59:55
nuno1959 Next time a guy threatens you w/ a pitchfork, go off on a rant like this, he might run away !! ;) +0
September 05 2014 02:31:34
docnat The same likeable joker a few years ago it was believed to be forced to reach greece with car passing through the Adriatic Sea, and locked inside the car said to me: Doctor you think? All life died in the bottom of the sea in the dark and cold. And I, out of his car, answered to him to get off the car and to go home that it was dark and cold out of there too, and so on from midnight to three in the morning. I won after I confused him of chatter. +1
September 05 2014 04:45:32
nuno1959 :| I can't imagine the ''atmosphere'' going on in a situation like that ! +0
September 05 2014 08:42:11
docnat cinematographically surreal: a discussion between a man who wanted to go on a fantastic journey and one that I wanted to call out to reality. a discussion subtly humorous, philosophical and theatrical in a night in the open country, nothing dramatic.:) +0
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