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Crunchy guitars at 102bpm. The bridge gradually slows down to 88bpm then kicks back in full speed. Needs drums, bass etc. Intro(same as "chorus")/verse/chorus/verse/bridge breakdown/chorus/verse out/ finally resolving to an Eminor chord Very first chord sounds like Soundgarden to me, lol. The rest just sounds like me IMO. I wrote it with drums for timing etc but never intended to leave the drums on. I tend to play behind the beat so I will be interested to hear what some drummers come up ...
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crunchy, modal, soundgarden, melodic, groove


interessant und schön!+1
September 07 2014 02:37:53
JonJon thanks

es ist nur eine kleine Sache
September 07 2014 02:39:27
jamlady aus dieser "kleinen" Sache wird mal was ganz großes!!!! Da bin ich mir sicher +1
September 07 2014 02:42:14
JonJon Ich hoffe, Sie sind richtig

Bienvenue à Wikiloops - Nice guitar playing!+1
September 07 2014 03:23:48
JonJon thank u my friend! +1
great playing+1
Although late, a big Welcome to The Loops, best site/community to be & jam with - i think you'll have fun around here ! ;)
Stupendous guitar playing, cool tone too JJ..
Love it+1
Man, how to you record this transparent crunchy sound?+1
September 14 2014 14:30:07
JonJon Im guessing the sound you are referring to is mainly coming from the guitars being doubled but without a ton of reverb. At least thats how that first part is done

Mainly everything has "high pass" filtering EQ applied to stop it from being muddy or boomy etc.

The first part ("chorus")is doubled with guitars split left/right

If I remember correctly the other parts have one guitar panned probably to the right and that guitar is pretty dry. Then I send the effects to another track which is panned left. Usually just reverb and sometimes some delay. Could be chorus on some stuff but I dont remember.

Im still learning lol. if it sounds ok its partially by accident

The "dry one side, effects panned the other way" is sort of taken from VanHalens first album. They had the dry guitar panned strong to one side then the other side was just all reverb with the guitar way off in the distance. If you use headphones and pan side to side it sounds like 2 different albums lol
September 14 2014 17:23:18
Neronick still learning every day...thanks! +1
September 14 2014 17:24:24
JonJon some cool stuff here +0
this is very cool, great job JonJon and the sound is superb+1
haha, thanks, my first wiki track+0
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