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In the starting description of this basic track I wrote that lyrics is present. And hell yes! have decided to sing it and share with you. I am counting on you, Wikiloops members, that you will share your thoughts with me. I am still learning how to sing my songs and need your criticism to be better. Thank you all in advance!


September 08 2014 22:50:45
LeonardFar Hopefully, you didn't make a mistake and have posted your comment on right track ;-) Anyway, thank you! I am still learning how to sing and this is my very first public recording. +2
Where's the death, blood and hail satans? Just joking. I prefer peaceful music. 45 years and I've not been in the snow yet. Bit of a slight reverb on the vocal is all I would suggest. :)+1
September 15 2014 08:15:00
LeonardFar :D You should try to take a trip to some snowy resort. Thank you for your comment! +1
wow, this is the first time I listen to someone sing polish I believe... you dont have too many vovels, do you ;) that is hard to sing for sure!
Rod is right about the reverb, just a tiny bit would be good (dont make it sound like a cathedral please!).
Maybe share the single track next time, then someone can show you what can be done mix-wise.
Keep singing, confidence, confidence!
November 14 2014 23:27:44
LeonardFar :D Thanks for all your comment. I am still learning, learning and learning all these technical things in singing. +0
Very melodic and peaceful tune. I like it a lot.+1
Cool chilled out tune man... i like it! Thumbs up and follow 4 you+1
December 31 2014 09:56:37
LeonardFar Thanks mate. +0
Simple, direct, beautiful, human...
Not too much reverb for me.
February 17 2015 23:44:06
LeonardFar Thank you very much! +0
Very nice! :)+0
sehr schön ;o)+0
Great song and lirics Thanks for cheering<3+0
Very beautiful I love it!!<3<3<3+0
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