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Man it's cold up here today -15 C :O January freeze, was out briefly, cleaning around the yard ... so therefore .. Great blues from blues brothers Ron and Tom... thanks for the fun jam!!
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Haha, I’ve done some of that cleaning up duty in my time, not quite that cold but always easier when it’s frozen…you know though I wish I was still doing it, sure do miss my Jazz the jack russel and all her ways…really got those frozen dog sh*t blues right now brother..great playing as ever by you and this fine band Ernster:o:W:o:W+1
January 11 2022 21:42:45
Ernie440 I know man, they are man's best friend for sure, my title was in jest, actually easier like you said no blues unless it's mushy :O but you missing yer little dog does give me the blues, completely understand amigo!! Thanks for listening in brudda Prev! :D +1
January 11 2022 21:47:09
PJE You’re so right Ernie and even though it’s blues, it’s still good to remembering the boundless joy and never forgetting how they can fill up your life, so thanks amigo and stay warm with your fine best friend:D +1
🥶🥶🥶 sorry for cold!! Nice blues composition. ;)Today + 12 degrees at 12:00. 😱😱 Crazy climate+1
January 11 2022 21:46:28
Ernie440 +12 would be nice here Andrea, haha! Thanks man!! :D +1
holy crap Ernie that was a cold day to take the dog out to do her business...this fine music cheers me up though :D<3:D+1
January 11 2022 22:10:44
Ernie440 Holy crap .. lol yeah for sure!!! And Doug says ... HIS business!!!Sposed to warm up tomorrow I do hear, so that's good easier to heat the house. Thanks a lot Tu:D:D:D +1
Nice jam my friend. Same temp here brudda. It's going to be -19c on Friday. :o Frozen dog poopie is good unless you get an ice storm which we got 2 days ago. Forget about cleaning anything after that. I tried using a big hoe to break it free once. I don't recommend it. The frozen poop chips can hit you in the face. Ask me how I know. :@ You need to make sure you keep you mouth closed tight while doing that. :D I'm very familiar with this job. I clean up frozen horse poop every morning. Too many rescue pets here. Someone needs to rescue me :D+1
January 12 2022 20:09:13
Ernie440 Shit happens brah!! 10-4 on the hoe ... I'll skip that idea!!! :D:D Thanks Ron, your post makes me feel not so alone :P:D +1
January 12 2022 23:43:50
Riffraff Yes, comrades in in shit clean up. You cleaning up after Doug and me cleaning up after these two jokers.

January 12 2022 23:45:46
Ernie440 Nice bro!!! :D what are their names? ... the woman across the street has a couple beautiful horses too. And 3 f'ing dogs that travel the roads!! ::( +0
January 13 2022 01:36:41
Riffraff We have a Paint named Tumbleweed and an Arabian quarter horse mix named Cody. They're rescue horses that were named before we got them. +1
January 13 2022 01:48:11
Ernie440 Ahhh haw so!! :D:W +1
Yes, it's a Canadian winter. My sister in Victoria (where it's been snowing) sent me these:

There's more, but I though this was enough.

To assist with your blues dilemma: you could make "surprise snowballs" out of them kind of a reverse stinky twinkie.

Oh yea...good playing by the way.
January 12 2022 20:08:05
Ernie440 haha shitballs! and thanks ... :D Can't see the pics U tried to post unfortunately. Something is missing there! :O +1
January 12 2022 20:19:15
Wade You need to open each one separately by copying and pasting. Each starts with file and ends with jpg +1
January 12 2022 23:42:44
Ernie440 hmmm well that doesn't work, already tried that ...

I'm thinkin, if you want me to see this on some internet file sharing location it would have to have https:// at the beginning of the address and not file:/// not sure though ... might have to ...

Ask Dick!! :D
January 13 2022 19:19:53
Wade These came to me as part of an E-mail so there was no internet reference. Doesn't seem to be a way to add pictures here unless part of a web page. If you're interested send me your E-mail address in a PM and I can forward them. I thought I was picking up or adding a reference that would work... obviously not. +0
haha, the title, love it!! :o this is some deep deep blues, like knuckle deep :) :D ok i'm being silly now...but for real, this is a killer blues jam, just awesome Ernie :Y :W+1
January 13 2022 18:21:45
Ernie440 you're really shovelling it with this comment Nick!!! LOL Thanks brudda! :D +1
Oh my lord that is freezing! :O
stay warm by the fire my good friend and play some blues! you did a superb job!! :D:D :W:W
January 15 2022 02:12:59
Ernie440 haha thanks Tom, thankfully it's brief .. and then back to 35C days in the summer .. crazy!! Great blues my friend :D:D +1
Great to hear you on this Ernie with your usual high standard. I can't relate to the cold weather it was 72 here today. Even if I stick my head in the freezer I still wouldn't relate, not cold enough. Stay warm!!!+1
January 15 2022 02:15:14
Ernie440 A blizzard starting as I type this amigo ... high winds and a windchill of minus 26 they're saying .. hope the power doesn't go off like in last weeks snowstorm .. haha .. good times in the maritimes .. thanks Ron, great to jam with U again! :D +0
January 15 2022 04:08:14
Bothen Time for more blues with that thought. Be safe!! +1
January 16 2022 15:25:32
Ernie440 thanks buddy! +1

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