The Diving Song

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its a melancholic bass composition of mine, inspired by bass hero Simon Gallup. It needs a drum line, and some keyboards. This one was composed in a very sad moment of my life, but i think its a beautiful song. there are some pops, i remade the base line, but the melodies were recorded with a bad soundcard configuration.
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This should go far. Love it+1
Soberbo Mulambo !! LINDO demais...
But… as we all know by now, i got this ''soft spot in my heart' going for basses !! ;)
Go figure why ?…. :D
September 09 2014 17:51:01
mulambo muito obrigado Nuno! valeu mesmo! +1
Shades of Nirvana. I want to jam over this one. I'm not a drummer however I may be able to put a beat to this and then some guitar work. Shi vocals?+1
September 09 2014 18:08:14
mulambo thx! feel free to jam bro! but i ask u a favor, use the beat to create your guitar work, but upload only the guitar. lets leave the space for a drummer, that i hope will join us! Cheers! +2
September 09 2014 19:24:31
JJStrat19 You got it. Thanks for the advice!!! +0
cool bass mulo :)+1
Wow! very nice+1
nice melody, good one :)+1
very cool ! i especially like that the piece breaths so nicely ! don't kill that making it too busy !! ;)+1
September 11 2014 19:48:51
mulambo thx for the wise words Oliv! +1
very nice sound and cool theme..+1
very nice+0

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