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Just trying this out, took all day to get programs to work, lol!
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If you call that "rough" :) I wonder what you can do if you finetune.
September 11 2014 18:58:10
Edge59 Hello Lutz, yes I put the guitar part down in one take after playing along with the base tracks a few times, I was trying to just get a decent tone and a basic feel of the tune, there are a few spots I would probably redo or leave a little more space where the bass has some really cool parts. A lot of guitarists tend to overplay throughout a tune, where sometimes less is more and melodic lines with a flurry of fast notes in the right places can be more interesting to the listener :) Or leave room for other solos... :D +0
September 11 2014 19:02:23
Edge59 Also I might possibly reduce some overdrive, it sounds a little too overdriven guitar in spots but it could be the playback on this computer +0
September 11 2014 19:36:14
Lutz But what I wanted to say: you are ALREADY excellent :) +1
September 12 2014 05:46:21
Edge59 Thank you very much Lutz, I appreciate that! :D +0
September 09 2014 23:45:57
Edge59 Well I am far from perfect but the backing tracks were a lot of fun to play to :) Thank you for the kind words! :D +0
very nice playing and cool sound :) welcome onboard !+1
September 09 2014 23:44:52
Edge59 Thank you kindly sir, I like your tracks too! :) +1
Great solos!+1
September 10 2014 01:59:09
Edge59 Thank you very much
akethesnaker :)
September 10 2014 06:28:40
Edge59 Thank you! +1
GREAT Job! :-)+1
September 10 2014 21:12:54
Edge59 I think my part is a bit rough, great tune to play with, but I should have spent more time on the guitar part I think :) +0
nice mix, welcome to wikiloops.
you fit right in this one, nice tone.
September 11 2014 01:32:20
Edge59 Well thank you Toadcruncher! I appreciate that! :) +0
The lead guitar sounds like David Gilmour meets Santana and occasional visit from John Petrucci. :-)
Nice job! Very tasty!
September 12 2014 09:43:46
Edge59 thank you for the Kevin! Thats all who inspired me, wish I had their chops though :) +0
Oh! Yeah, this is tasty:)nice playing un welcome on the loops:)+1
September 12 2014 18:11:28
Edge59 Thank you incivanpico! +0
Missed that one, cool guitar!+1
September 17 2014 20:20:20
Edge59 Thank you so much! :) a little rough but I am getting back into doing this I love it! :D +0

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