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Drop D jam with some interesting chords, drops to C# at end. Verse sounds like AC/DC and chorus like Foo Fighters or maybe STP? The drumming is great...I hope the mix is ok. Really my first time playing in Drop D
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Drop D, AC/DC, FooFighters, STP, Groove


Cool riffs man, great tone, love your playing…
Well done JJ, i like it ! ;)
September 10 2014 04:49:02
JonJon thanks bro, its amazing I can even play after work lol. The opening riff could be tighter but I wanted to upload it tnight +1
September 10 2014 04:52:39
nuno1959 In my uploads i often find that ''fresh'' & spontaneous'' supersedes tight/perfect & so on…
After all, it is a JAM, sometimes transcontinental but still a JAM … ;)
September 10 2014 04:55:49
JonJon yeah, a big part of my style is being "loose but tight" like Jimmy Page or Eddie. I long ago accepted that I was never going to be super clinically tight so I just try to keep a good vibe going without too much slop or obvious mistakes +1
September 10 2014 04:56:31
nuno1959 Right on !! +1
September 10 2014 04:59:53
JonJon thanks man, its not bad for a $150 used guitar still with the used strings lol +1
soundslike eddie foe sure nice+1
sounds great !+1
great! killer tone!+1
bom som+1
September 11 2014 04:38:16
francisco al
JonJon obrigado +0
Great rock :)+1
cool sound great playing+1
You know how to do things right! :)+1
September 14 2014 14:14:36
JonJon just groping in the dark lol +0

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