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Doubled acoustic guitars. 70s ballad style IMO. The ending is a very hypnotic, suspended, fingerpicked section.


October 06 2014 18:08:12
This is very nice!
+1 October 06 2014 23:32:36 haddock JonJon
yeah, I really like how the ending turned out. Song s starts off very mellow then by the end it is really more moody and hypnotic
October 07 2014 05:32:13 haddock haddock
Agree! I've started to add some fretless bass, hopefully I'll come up with something
September 19 2014 20:58:59
how nice this is JonJon :)

September 19 2014 11:16:30
nice playing :) and welcome to the loops! :)
+1 September 19 2014 23:44:06 hurzel JonJon
Thanks, I have been admiring your work
September 14 2014 13:17:23
incredible recording quality of acoustic guitars! :)
+1 September 14 2014 14:09:33 Neronick JonJon

just a cheap ovation roundback which is a real hassle to play because it slides all over the place. I did change strings though for the first time in probably 15 years lol. I used my fingers and used the finger/fingernail to strum like a pick. I am clueless as far as actual fingerpicking patterns so the end part is just thumb and first finger picking "any which way u can" style

AKG C3000 Mic about a foot away. Focusrite 2i4 interface

It was sort of a pain, lol. I have the worlds squeakiest chair plus I sit right by the air conditioner vent so I had to turn the air and box fan off while recording.

Then I took like an hour trying to get out the loudest string/finger squeaks so I could bring the overall level up. I use Reaper DAW

Parts are doubled left/right and the last section has some reverb on it.

A large part of the sound is using a high pass filter on the EQ to cut most stuff out down around 200hz and below. If not for that my recording would just be a boomy mess.

To be honest I am still a real newb at "producing"...I just started using my first DAW like 60 days ago. Some of my stuff is still a little "rushed" to get it published and I need to just sit and figure out how to get sounds as opposed to writing at the same time
September 14 2014 17:33:53 Neronick Neronick
Without any doubt you have great talents to find the sweet spot of your acoustic guitar for this mic :)
September 14 2014 17:42:15 Neronick JonJon
nah, im not that technical with it. Its more like "hmm, where can I put this mic so its somewhere near the acoustic soundhole? I have a little short mic stand but it was too short to sit it on the floor so I sat it on top of a small file cabinet so the mic was actually about a foot above the gtr. I angled the mic downward etc. If it would have been easily done I would have had it right at the soundhole.

Same with electric...people get all technical with mic placement bit from where Im sitting in this chair I cant really see thru the grillcloth so its just pointing "in there somewhere" as opposed to "30degrees off axis an inch out from the center" blah blah
September 14 2014 12:09:10
NICE JJ, very nice - perfect while fully waking up & resetting my brain back into working order ! ;)

September 14 2014 10:08:51
Lovely, ending is very sweet

September 14 2014 09:29:19
cool acoustic track ! very nice sound ;)

September 14 2014 07:40:48

September 14 2014 07:24:23
cody trippcody tripp

September 14 2014 05:43:46
Thanks for the great description of the chords etc.
+1 September 14 2014 05:46:51 Slimdaver JonJon
np, some arent exact like A/E but I think peeps can figure it out from the recording. I use this sometimes
Thanks for checking out my are one of the better acoustic and electric riff writers on the loops. Peace

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